After each title Juan Carlos Sánchez, the head of the basketball sectionHe said: “Laso will be at Real Madrid as long as he wants”. It has not been. The technician wanted to continue, but has been dismissed. In the club they allege a great concern for your health after suffering a heart ailment on June 5, which turned out to be less serious than it seemed. Is he ugly end of a golden era


. The

dismissal of the team doctor for not wanting to sign the technician’s withdrawal

does not help in this matter either.

That health problem has caused what could already happen

several times in the past, because

the madridista basketball manager had crossed the coach for a long time

. Titles and president Florentino Pérez kept him in office.

He already had one foot out of the team in 2014

, after that final in which he ended up being expelled and leaving the Palau in a wheelchair with a broken Achilles tendon. The following year, the team won it all.

This course, in full negative streak of results, was the president who opted for its continuity

. He ended up winning the

Endesa League

and staying one basket away from being champion of the

. In the marriage between Sánchez and Laso there was a lot of dirt under the rug:

signings not consulted with the coach (Mejri, Laprovittola and Heurtel among others)


approaches to other coaches (Katsikaris in 2014 and Trinchieri and Pascual recently)

… Everything has ended up exploding with the heart ailment of

Laso, who looked with the force

and enough spirit to take the starting team next season.

The dismissal is difficult to understand in terms of sporting merits

. Laso revived a section that did not paint anything in Europe and made it big and recognizable with a basketball admired throughout the continent. Nothing less than

22 titles contemplate him

. The same as

Lolo Sainz

. just behind

Pedro Ferrandiz

. The holy trinity of the Madrid bench. In none of his seasons since he arrived in 2011 has he failed to lift a trophy. But, above all, Laso’s exit in this way

threatens the values ??of Madridismo. They are not ways to fire a legend

. It’s like waiting for

a medical problem to undertake what you did not have the courage to do before

. In sickness and in health, they say at weddings. This marriage, which already looked bad, someone has finished breaking it up taking advantage of the latter.