Lhe coaches and sports directors of the unclassified teams have spoken and made their predictions for the Copa del Rey to be held in Granada next weekend. In this official survey prior to the Granada Cup, we ask for your predictions for each of the qualifiers, as well as your bets on the Movistar MVP.

Joventut Badalona – Lenovo Tenerife

Few alternatives are given by those surveyed to Lenovo Tenerife against Joventut in the first duel of the Copa del Rey 2022. Only 11% mark the aurinegro team as the winner, which, however, won last Saturday in Badalona in advance of the tie. What almost everyone agrees on is that the game will have alternatives: almost 90% see a game decided by less than 10 points.

Real Madrid – Rio Breogan

This is one of the qualifiers that offers no doubts for coaches and sports directors. Real Madrid is a clear favorite and 100% see it in the semifinals. Will the Breogan River break the forecasts? 81% of those surveyed also see a margin of victory of 10 or more points. Although the only duel this season between the two was decided by less (71-79 for the Madrid team).

Valencia Basket – UCAM Murcia

The predictions for the first duel on Friday are also unanimous. 100% see Valencia Basket beating UCAM Murciacontrary to what happened in the first round of the Endesa League (86-91).

The most repeated result is also wide: Taronja win by between 10 and 12 points.

Barca – BAXI Manresa

The current champion commands respect and 94% see him eliminating BAXI Manresa. His most repeated victory is between 7 and 9 points. The Manresans, however, have prevailed in the only duel of the season at the Palau (95-96 after extra time).


Real Madrid and Joventut will therefore be the protagonists of the first semifinal for the vast majority of coaches and general managers, with Barça and Valencia Basket starring in the second duel on Saturday. Lenovo Tenerife and BAXI Manresa are also mentioned as semi-finalists in some forecasts.

Who will be the champion?

The The most repeated final is that of Real Madrid against Barça, present in 61% of the brackets, although that of Real Madrid-Valencia Basket is at a considerable 22%. Real Madrid-BAXI Manresa and Joventut-Valencia Basket also receive mentions.

As for the champion, opinions are divided. Real Madrid leads the predictions with 44%, closely followed by Barça (33%). Valencia Basket (17%) and BAXI Manresa (5%) are the other possible champions in sight.

Via Marca.com