ANDhe Real Madrid He has an obvious problem in the point guard position this season and his main objective in the construction of the next squad is to reinforce it with two more pieces. But everything points to it will not be easy for you to find top players in the market. At the moment, the two most desired, Facundo Campazzo and Shane LarkinThey have told him no. Whites will have to keep looking. Big names are impossible and others are complicated. This is the situation of some of them.

Campazzo wants to continue in the NBA

The Argentine has lately a marginal role in the Nuggetswith whom the contract ends, but wants to continue in the NBAwhere at least five franchises have shown interest in getting it. Madrid, aware that it must reinforce the direction of the game, has contacted several times with Facu during this season, but he has always received the same answer: he wants to continue in United States.

Larkin rejects a first offer

The American with a Turkish passport Anadolu Efes, with which his relationship ends, will not arrive either, according to Chema de Lucas. MARCA has learned of the contacts with the base, which has rejected a first offer of two million dollarsmuch lower than the 3.7 earned this season and which are unattainable for whites due to harmful Spanish taxation with respect to Turkey. Renovate slightly downward or explore your chances of going back to the NBA are now the main options Larkin.

Micic: Efes or the NBA

Vasilije Micic was already wanted by Madrid, but his signing was impossible. Almost like now. the current Final Four MVP renewed last summer for three seasons with the Efes, where he earns about three million dollars. That another European club take him out of istanbul it is utopian. In his contract he has a release clause for the NBA and it is likely that he will finally decide to take the leap. The Thunder they have their rights.

Vasilije Micic leads an Anadolu Efes attack.
Vasilije Micic leads an Anadolu Efes attack.

Wilbekin can leave, but there would be competition

scottie wilbekinAmerican with a Turkish passport, It was already on Madrid’s agenda when it was rumored that he might not continue in the Maccabee. He still has a contract for next year, though a possible march sounds again. If it comes out, the whites would have would be competition in Efeswho intends if Micic finally goes to the NBA. The two players share a representative.

Scottie Wilbekin, defended by Fabien Causeur.
Scottie Wilbekin, defended by Fabien Causeur.

Pangos and his complex future at CSKA

After playing very little with the Cavaliers, Kevin Pangos got engaged to him CSKA until 2024 shortly before the start of the war with Ukraine. He has not come to play with the Moscow club, separated from the Euroleague and whose participation in the next edition is up in the air. With the zeniththe Canadian player proved to be one of the best point guards on the continent, but if someone loves him he will have to wait to see what happens with his contract with the Russians.

Satoransky shuffles back and several teams think about him

Thomas Satoransky want to go back to Europeknow the League and it is communal. At the age of 30 and in his sixth year at the NBAthink you’ve had enough after going through Chicago, New Orleans, San Antonio and Washington in the last two campaigns. Several Euroleague teams have already asked about himincluding the Barcawhere he played between 2014 and 2016 before going to United States. They have him on the agenda in case he leaves Rockas Jokubaitis to NBA.

Raulzinho Neto, one of the most accessible

Raulzinho Neto is another name that in the past was linked to Madrid and that now, according to Encestando, it is back in orbit. teammate of satoransky in the Wizardsthe Brazilian also went through the CBA (Gipuzkoa and Murcia) and is a community citizen having an Italian passport. He is earning two million dollars, his contract is ending and his economic expectations are in line with what the whites could pay him.

Raulzinho Neto, in a Wizards game.
Raulzinho Neto, in a Wizards game.

Sergio Rodríguez has the doors closed

Sergio Rodriguez ends contract with him Armani Milan. At 35, she continues to perform at a high level, but has the doors of Madrid closed. His bad relationship with the person in charge of the section dates back to the 2012 Cup and he already had one foot out of the team during that campaign before taking flight and becoming an emblem of ‘Lasismo’. His march to the NBA It hurt in the club, who did not want him on his return to Europe not even when leaving CSKA.

De Colo is under scoring for Valencia

Nando de Colo He is also still a benchmark at 34 years old. He is free in the summer after finishing his contract with the Fenerbahcebut a possible interest of the Madrid in the French base he would run into him again like years ago Valencia Basketball. You own your rights in the Endesa League after including him in the score when he left the club in 2012. By not expiring, the whites would have to talk to the taronjas, who are tough negotiators.

Nando De Colo penetrates between Gabriel Deck and Walter Tavares.
Nando De Colo penetrates between Gabriel Deck and Walter Tavares.

Heurtel and Williams-Goss have a hard time following

Of the current bases, the only one whose continuity is certain is Carlos Alocen, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. If the recovery deadlines are met, it should be ready for the first of next season. Thomas Heurtel He has one more optional year both on his part and that of the club. Its irregularity does not invite us to think that it will continue, although we have to wait until the end of the course. He could go exploring other options. AND Nigel Williams-Goss, who is outmatched, has a very difficult time fulfilling the remaining year of his contract despite the green shoots of recent games. In case of John Nunez must be studied: continue with the first team playing little or transfer.