ANDReal Madrid removed the image of Pablo Laso from its website on Monday afternoon. Shortly after issuing the statement announcing his dismissal due to health reasons, the coach stopped appearing along with the players and the rest of the white team’s coaching staff.

The haste with which Laso disappeared from the club’s official website was surprising, especially compared to Jaycee Carroll, who spent last season at his ranch in Utah while his photo continued to appear as if he were just another player on the squad until His retirement was finally announced. Another surreal situation experienced by the club during the last season. With the escort it took nine months and with the former coach just a few minutes.

In the squad, which is noted on the website that it is provisional, Chus Mateo still appears with the position of assistant coach along with Paco Redondo and Lolo Calín, who were his collaborators during the Endesa League final won over Barcelona. It is not ruled out that, like Laso, he has one more.