Carlos Alocen will cause drop in Real Madrid the rest of the season. The worst omens took shape and the exhaustive medical examination to which the point guard has undergone reveals that suffers a complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left kneewhich will keep you off for at least seven months. Thus ends the campaign for the handy game director, who fell lfired in the last few minutes of the third quarter of the League match played this Sunday by Real Madrid in Malaga against Unicaja.

alocen was being one of the revulsive of the white team when in a drive to the basket he collided with his defender, lost his balance and when he stepped on the ground, his left knee bent unnaturally. As soon as it fell, it was possible to see that the mishap was serious due to the way it occurred and its conspicuous gestures of pain. In fact, he had to leave the field helped by two members of the Madrid coaching staff, since he was unable even to support his battered left leg.

I’m not a doctor, I have no idea about these things, but I think knee injuries…

Pablo Laso (Real Madrid manager)

Laso was already pessimistic after the injury

And at a press conference his coach, Pablo Laso, already feared the worst: “Foresight is not good. I’m not a doctor, I have no idea about these things, but I think knee injuries… You have to do tests, but being nothing, it will be a safe time out. He doesn’t look good, the boy is touched, It has helped us a lot. His entrance has been key because he has changed the rhythm of the match with that energy that he transmits and let’s say that It’s a chore to lose a player to an injury like that. It’s fucked”assured.

Injuries are killing him

alocen he turned 21 last december, but despite his youth, injuries are taking their toll on him this season. At the end of the year he had back problemsand when it seemed that he had surpassed them, suffered a toe injury which forced him to miss a good number of games.

In fact, He has only participated with Madrid in 11 of the 21 League games, and in nine of the 25 Euroleague games. Total he has missed 26 games Some due to Laso’s technical decision, but most of them due to physical mishaps. Sunday’s knee injury confirms the base’s misfortune, which tYou will have to work hard to return in the best conditions. Youth, strength and courage have to achieve it. A very sensitive loss for Madrid in a position, the basewhere it was showing deficiencies.