The NBA has made Real Madrid one of its main quarries in recent years. Since the era began Pablo Laso back in 2011 they have been 10 Madrid players who have crossed the Atlantic to enroll in American franchises. Some of them had to pay their exit clauses. With which you must pay Usman Garuba, the total amount is already 18 million euros, although the white club will finish receiving them within a while since it usually allows the payment of rescissions in installments.

Only in the last year, Madrid has guaranteed the future income of 11 million. The whites have seen Facundo Campazzo, Gabriel Deck and Usman Garuba. The Argentine base had to resort to financial engineering -even a special life insurance was made- to guarantee the payment of six million euros, the highest clause paid in the history of European basketball.

From Madrid to the NBA in the Laso era

  1. Nikola Mirotic (Bulls) 2.5 million
  2. Sergio Rodríguez (Sixers) 2.5 million
  3. Kyle Singler (Pistons) End of contract
  4. Salah Mejri (Mavericks) End of contract
  5. Maurice Ndour (Knicks) End of contract
  6. Willy Hernangómez (Knicks) End of contract
  7. Luka Doncic (Mavericks) 2 million
  8. Facundo Campazzo (Nuggets) 6 million
  9. Gabriel Deck (Thunder) 2 million
  10. Usman Garuba (Rockets) 3 million

His compatriot Deck will leave another two million and Garuba, who had a clause that amounted to one million each year, will pay another three. Before they left Nikola Mirotic, who paid 2.5 million for his departure to the Bulls in 2014. The power forward made the last payment of his clause in 2019, just before committing to the Barcelona. Sergio Rodriguez paid the same amount in 2016 to enroll in the Sixers. Y Luka doncic had to give two million to go to the Mavs in 2018.

Compensating in part for the sports gap

All that money is a bit of comfort from the star march. As they leave, some leaving a deep sport void as happened in the middle of the season with Campazzo and Deck, there is compensation. In recent years, Madrid has been able to overcome the exits of players to the NBA, but the total 18 million would not even cover half the budget for a course, which is around 40 million euros. And that the whites are among those who have received the most in Europe in terms of clauses.

Nobody can go to the NBA until the teams there pay about five million euros of clause

Zmago Sagadin, Slovenian coach

The ease with which the NBA snatches stars from European teams and the destruction it causes them is often debated. Zmago Sagadin, a veteran Slovenian coach, believes that “the Euroleague and the FIBA They must urgently sit down and say that Nobody can go to the NBA until the teams there pay about five million euros of clause “. According to the American League collective bargaining agreement, franchises can only pay about 750,000 euros. The rest, so that they do not count against their salary limit, the player must do so.

A high release clause has Walter Tavares, which they keep an eye on from the United States. According to some sources, that of the pivot is “even higher than that of Campazzo.” This is from more than six million euros. That and the player’s desire to remain leader, gives peace of mind to whites, who would always prefer to retain talent than to earn money. “I would like all the players to stay, but I understand them, “he says Pablo Laso.