ANDl Real Madrid took advantage of his long rotation and versatility to take down a Valencia warrior but understaffed. One more time, Joan Peñarroya met the casualties of Prepelic, Van Rossom and Tobey. Quite the opposite occurred on the side of Pablo Laso, who changed the game with the entry of Thomas Heurtel and Rudy Fernández. Madrid ended up becoming a roller with a last quarter in which it touched excellence (79-93).

It cost Real Madrid to defeat Valencia. From the initial jump, the two of them set the bar very high. Inspiration from Alberto abalde He injected confidence into a Madrid team that ran, played fast and despaired of a Peñarroya who vociferously remembered rival transitions. Changes and direction of Martin Hermannsson they put order and gave clarity to Valencia, more comfortable in a crazy script and open field. So much so that he managed to finish the first of the rounds ahead (23-20).

The rotations and excessive effort of the first 10 minutes made each basket worth its weight in gold. And there, Real Madrid always has the upper hand. And more if it is Sergio Llull on track. He unblocked a thick Real Madrid without Nigel Williams-Goss and with his 10 points was able to stop the irruption of Jasiel rivero. With as many points, Rivero could with any Madrid interior and was the local reference to leave everything open for the second half (39-42).

Making use of the wardrobe, Laso wanted to raise his team’s game one more gear with the entry of Heurtel. With him, Real Madrid began to feel comfortable with the pick & roll with Tavares. But the one who pitched his team was Rudy. He entered on the right foot and his triples put more land in the middle on the scoreboard. It seemed that this time it was time for Real Madrid, but the still depleted Valencia endured all the attacks. And again, with Rivero and Hermannsson as protagonists (60-64).

But in the final quarter, Valencia Basket lacked energy again with the burden of injuries. And meanwhile, Real Madrid did not need even 2 minutes to find their maximum difference. Heurtel, inspired since his departure, wove the baskets that placed the +13 on the scoreboard with 8 minutes to play. Real Madrid, launched and playing wonderfully, only made it keep increasing their difference (+20). The partial, which became 4-15, was sinking and exhausting Valencia Basket. Without ideas, without offensive clarity and surpassed by the success of the second Real Madrid unit, those of Joan Peñarroya saw how he escaped another game at the Fonteta against the undefeated Real Madrid.

Data sheet:

79.- Valencia Basket (23 + 16 + 21 + 19): Hermannsson (20), Puerto (4), Claver (7), Pradilla (4), Dubljevic (6) -five starters- Dimitrijevic (12), López-Arostegui (3), Labeyrie (8), Ferrando (-), Bressan (-), Jiménez (-) and Rivero (15).

93.- Real Madrid (20 + 22 + 22 + 29): Williams-Goss (7), Abalde (9), Taylor (4), Yabuselle (11), Tavares (10) -five starters- Heurtel (11), Rudy Fernández (12), Hanga (5), Vukcevic (5) , Alocén (2), Poirier (7) and Llull (10).