ORlately for fans of the real Madrid It has become an ordeal to go on Sundays to the WiZink Center to cheer on your team. The whites, who seemed to have come out of their depression, they collapsed against Manresa (75-86) and added their fifth loss in a row at home in Liga ACB after those harvested against Barcelona, ??Andorra, Valencia and Baskonia. Seeing is believing.


demerit of the whites, who they ran out of ideas and without legs after the break, and fair glory for the people of Manresawhich showed that their third place It is no coincidence and, despite not having Bakoone of its towers, always competed face to face and imposed itsdefensive lead and offensive clairvoyance. thumbs up Peter Martinezthe architect of this team in which they stood out May (21+4)key in the escape of the third act, Pérez (17), Moneke (14+10) and Valtonen (14). In Madrid only Deck (21+6), Yabusele (15+8) and Rudy (15+6+3) They were saved from disaster.

Good start for Poirier and Yabusele

Madrid took the lead from the start thanks above all to Yabusele and Poirierwhich entered early Tavarespunished by Laso for his oversights (17-6, min 8). Between innumerable rotations (19 changes between both teams) Manresa survived with defense and offensive rebound (22-15, min 10).


Tavares and Randolph stretched the income, but those of Pedro Martínez, with little ones on the court and a Valtonen successful, he got fully into the game with a 0-6 (27-22, min 13). By then they already accumulated 11 offensive rebounds, gold facing the white towers. Rudywith two triples, and Yabuselevery active, led a new local pull (41-29, min 19). But Manresa resurfaced with two counterattacks from Maye before the break (41-34, min 20).

Maye explosion with 12 points in a row

in the restart Perez and Moneke led a new arreón of Manresa, which did not cringe before the intimidation of Tavares (two consecutive caps) and took the lead for the first time after a triple from the veteran Rafael Martinez. It was the prelude to Manresa tsunami unleashed by Maye with 12 points in a row (55-64, min 28). Madrid, without ideas to overcome the defensive changes of BAXI (nine losses in the third quarter), he added with free throws and arrived very touched to the final (57-64).


And the whites’ feelings got worse. A very solid Manresa built a partial 2-10 with triples Steinberg’s Y Perez (61-74, min 34). Madrid sought redemption with a triple as the only solution, but neither Llull (0/11) nor Rudy (3/8) This time they wore the superhero costume and the people of Manresa, maintaining their solidity, they endured the last white rush (75-80, min 39) and certified their first victory against Madrid in the last seven years (75-86).

Data sheet:

75 – Real Madrid (22 + 19 + 16 + 18): Williams-Goss (2), Núñez, Deck (21), Tavares (6) and Yabusele (15) -initial team-, Randolph (3), Heurtel (3), Rudy (15), Poirier (6) and Llull ( 4).

86 – Baxi Manresa (15+19+30+22): Moneke (14), Vaulet (2), Thomasson, Pérez (17) and Sima (5) -initial team-, Francisco (4), García, Steinbergs (7), Martínez (3), Valtonen (14) and Maye ( twenty).

Referees: Carlos Cortes, Luis Miguel Castillo and Cristobal Sanchez. Walter Tavares (m.36) and Yankuba Sima (m.36) were eliminated by five personals.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-fifth day of the regular phase of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid before some 6,000 spectators. A minute of silence was observed in memory of Antonio Novoa, first president of the ACB.

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