SIgue intractable Real Madrid in the league competition. At the Multipurpose Fontes do Sar, where the Monbus Obradoiro tends to be an uncomfortable obstacle when measuring the team of Pablo Laso, managed to consolidate his leadership with a victory that he got back on track in the first minutes with a wide advantage that he knew how to manage during the rest of the match. The team of Moncho Fernandez He always gave his face and reached 4 points at the start of the last quarter, although he had to surrender to the wide range of resources of the Madrid team and could not avoid the eighth consecutive defeat.

When in less than six minutes, with a Laprovittola lethal, Garuba scoring 2 + 1 and Tavares dominating the area and facilitating the opening of the game for his teammates, the Real Madrid placed a 4-20 on the scoreboard, everything seemed to fall apart for a downcast Obradoiro, decimated, especially in the direction of play, and with a streak of results so negative that it has made him look into the abyss.

But the entrance to the track Enoch, who had just completed a colossal match against Unicaja, and the activation of Robertson They gave another air to Moncho Fernández’s team. Pablo Laso, who intuited that the advantage could relax his pupils, requested a time-out to clarify concepts with 13-23, in the middle of an 8-0 partial that gave life to the “Work”.

Causeur, with 7 points, picked up Laprovittola’s scoring witness at the start of a second quarter (22-32) in which the zone arranged by the Santiago team managed to stop the scoring flow in Madrid’s outside shot, which continued to punish from the inner game. Enoch found in Beliauskas -two triples- and Álex Suárez to his best allies so as not to lose the Madrid team’s slipstream before the break (32-42).

The intensity of Garuba, With two new 2 + 1s, a powerful Enoch tried to compensate, with a huge stopper on Laprovittola, author of 14 points before intermission. Taylor’s talent was balanced at the counter rim by Robertson with his audacity.

The zone continued to resist Laso’s men, although the advantage, around 10 points, was maintained thanks to the defensive involvement and the good movements of Thompkins in the local zone.

The Lithuanian connection Beliasuskas-Birutis, with the pivot’s first basket in play, who barely had minutes, still far from his best physical condition, he approached Obradoiro like never before (56-60, min. 32). The triples of Carroll and Causeur, with a partial of 2-11, brought the Santiago team back to stark reality, which kept the type and again threatened to complicate Real Madrid after a triple by Czerapowicz (65-73). Caseur and Carroll, based on more three-point baskets, prevented it.


Monbus Obradoiro (16 + 16 + 17 + 22): Oliver, Robertson (18), Czerapowicz (7), Daum (10) and Cohen; Enoch (14), Ozmizrak, Muñoz, Álex Suárez (6), Beliauskas (10), Birutis (6) and Rafa García.

Real Madrid (23 + 19 + 16 + 29): Laprovittola (17), Deck (3), Taylor (6), Garuba (12) and Tavares (6); Causeur (17), Alocén, Thompkins (6), Abalde (4), Tyus (4) and Carroll (12).