ANDl Lenovo Tenerife He played like never before and lost like always with him Real Madrid, before which already adds 13 losses in a row. It was much more solid for three quarters, but like so many other times, it ended up succumbing. The whites were almost always in tow for their blunder from the triple (0/15 at halftime and 4/28 at the end) and by the solidity of the premises, rocky in defense and propelled in attack by Shermadini (21) and Huertas (13 + 5 + 6), the usual ones, to which this time he joined Sulejmanovic (11).

Everything was ready for the Tenerife people to break that bad streak, but near the last quarter Madrid rose from its ashes with the irruption of Williams-Goss (12) hitherto unpublished, well supported by Yabusele (15 + 8), a real tank, and Causeur (12), fine stylist where they exist, finished by bury Lenovo options, that one more day he slackened again as soon as he noticed the breath of the white ogre on his neck, which lost Rudy for an ugly knee injury.

The Madrid started the game by striking in the area thanks to a great Poirier, but that wound saturated her Vidorreta taking to scene Shermadini, more expeditious than War. Sulejmanovic greased the wrist to give the lead to Tenerife, who played just as well as always as soon as Huertas entered the field and allied with the Georgian giant (12-6, min 6).

The locals had clear ideas, quite the opposite of a hesitant and hesitant Madrid at best in attack. Neither Heurtel first nor Williams-Goss then they hit the button and that anarchy condemned them to gamble many possessions from the triple, and this time without success. If the connection worked Fitipaldo-Guerra to keep theirs up, very organized in attack and well positioned in defense to master the rebound (21-14).

In the second act Laso put Hanga as Huertas blotter, but Shermadini continued to impose his seniority by challenging Tavares (30-20, min 16). Yabusele and Heurtel They came out of the mediocrity of his team to bring him closer on the scoreboard (32-29, min 18). But Salin and Huertas They put the counterpoint before the break (37-31).

The Madrid moved the ball better in the second act, but the wrists were rusty: 0/15 triples at halftime. The resumption began with the same script, with Sulejmanovic hammering the white hoop from outside and Shermadini from inside. And with the whites withcontinuing his agony from the triple (0/17). Poirier and Yabusele They made it possible for him to go to the changing rooms only six downstairs (37-31), before Hanga break the jinx with the first triple (45-40).

The Lenovo he did not get impatient and kept his pulse with a great Orchards, which drove the whites out of their minds. Tavares First and then Laso they received technical paths for protesting, and the Brazilian point guard stretched the score (52-42, min 28). Williams-Goss, disastrous until then, scored 12 points (with a triple and five free throws) and Yabusele added his strength to give command to Madrid (55-59, min 30).

Shermadini and War they put the counterpoint, but a Causeur huge led the definitive getaway of the whites (59-65, min 37), who played the last moments without its towers, Tavares and Poirier, removed. The Lenovo took the last breath of air with a triple of Doornekamp and four points of Shermadini (65-67, min 39). And the heads or tails was broken by Hanga … with a triple! (65-70). The Madrid had missed 24 triples so far (3/27), but he put the one that had to be put.