Pfor the third time this season, Real Madrid and Barcelona are going to play a national title. The two greats fought for the Super Cup and for the King’s Cup. From this Sunday (6.30 pm), they will do it for the Endesa League. It is the most classic final, repeated in seven of the last 10 campaigns, since the Pablo Laso era began. The white coach is pursuing his twenty-first title in 29 finals. Only last year, in the Valencia bubble, he missed the fight for the ACB.

The next two or three games will mark the course. A single title and none of the greats knows little in clubs where it is only worth winning. The Catalans start with more pressure for historical reasons. They have not won the Endesa League since 2014. The six years of emptiness are their worst streak since the ACB was created. The triumph would put the climax to the first ambitious project of Sarunas Jasikevicius, which has led his team to all four possible finals. Winning would be to re-feed the possible change of cycle in Spanish basketball.

I always see myself as a favorite even if I don’t think I’m superior because I respect all rivals “

Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach

Opposite will be a Madrid that has not stopped compete despite adversity found: marches to the NBA from Campazzo and Deck, serious injuries, coronavirus cases … “What has brought us here is the competitive gene. When things are worse, we bring out our character, the desire to continue winning and fighting for titles. We are Madrid and there are no excuses,” says Llull.

Madridista casualties

The point guard revealed that the third game against Valencia Basket faced him “no training and no running for a week, but the normal thing was to be with the team and to give the maximum. I like to play. I hate being injured. “Abalde, after the coronavirus, will be on the list, but Felipe Reyes and Laprovittola, not. The Argentine, however, is not ruled out for the entire final. Laso, despite all penalties, claims to see himself”always favorite, even if I don’t think I’m superior because I respect the rivals. If I had to choose between victim or favorite, I would choose favorite. “

All the players arrive physically and mentally touched, but the greatness of a champion is surviving these problems “

Sarunas Jasikevicius, Barcelona coach

By number of troops and physical, Barcelona seems a step ahead, although Jasikevicius believes that “all players reach the final with physical and mental discomfort and touchesBut the greatness of a champion team is surviving these problems and we are going to try to do it. ” This afternoon’s game will be the 89th game this season.. Madrid adds three less.

Numerous spotlights on the track: the duo formed by Tavares and Poirier, the answer of Higgins in hot moments, the heroic of Llull, the pressure of Mirotic On the decisive days, the presumable last matches in the ACB of Garuba and Pau Gasol… It will be an express series but with all the ingredients of the big dates. A League is at stake in the most classic final.