TOhe end of last season, when he was considered retired after his wife announced on social media that she was in her senior year, Jaycee Carroll decided to stay at Madrid. That suggested that the bodyguard was now enjoying his last active course, but more than likely he has at least one more left. As Chema de Lucas advanced, the player informed the club more than a month ago that he was open to continue. Now, as MARCA has learned, the whites, knowing that they will not find another like him, they will open the floor for one more dance.

The decision of the continuity of Carroll, although it is unanimous in the offices of Madrid, was also a presidential affair. The guard is the right eye of Florentino Pérez in basketball. Perhaps it is because of his family character or because he does not drink and does not go out, as a good Mormon that he is, or because he is the first signing of the fabulous era of Pablo Laso … If the player wanted to continue, they would continue. And it seems that it will.

Tepid interest of Madrid by Marius Grigonis

Madrid have asked during the season about Marius Grigonis, a 26-year-old 1.98 meter guard who is performing at a high level at Zalgiris. The former player of Peñas Huesca of LEB Oro, Manresa and CB Canarias has an affordable exit clause for the Kaunas team. The interest of the whites was tepid perhaps due to the many suitors that the Lithuanian player will have in summer. With the current economic situation, it is likely that the Madridistas will not be able to compete for the big names in the market.

In sports, there are plenty of reasons for Carroll to continue in white. Despite the fact that in 10 days he turns 38, no signs of decay are seen. Far from it, have a great season, although his time on the court is limited and Laso sometimes uses him as a trigger when they come up badly. There are games in which he does not appear until the third quarter, but remains a constant threat and its ability to produce on the attack is astonishing. It only takes seconds to warm up.

One of the best scorers per minute

This is how it is explained second best scorer per minute in the Euroleague. If he played the full games, he would have an average of 26.3 points, behind Nikola Mirotic. In the Endesa League, only the Barça star and Giorgi Shermadini improve their 26.6 points on average for every 40 minutes. In European competition, he has his best scoring average (9.7) since 2012-13. In the national team he plays less than ever, but he has his fifth best average of points (10.7) since he arrived at Madrid. And all, above 40% in triples.

The escort is disputing his tenth season in the white team. He has lived it all together with Laso, with whom he has won 20 titles. From the Copa del Rey at Sant Jordi in 2012, where it was decisive, to the Endesa Super Cup this season. Carroll has long been the foreigner who has played the most games in the club’s history. Everything indicates that he will have the opportunity to expand his legend.

Like the previous year, your family will have the last word. In the middle of last year he stayed alone in MadridWell, his wife and four children went to the ranch they own in Utah. This season, Jaycee lives in the capital with the eldest of her daughters. The rest of the offspring are expected to arrive shortly.. And the escort, who tends to drop his performance in the absence of his own, will no longer lack anything. You will be ready for one last dance in white. Or even more, because with him you never know.

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