The Club and Leche Gaza presented their sponsorship agreement, in addition to the player Justin Tafari Raffington.


For the third consecutive year, Real Valladolid Baloncesto and Leche Gaza will walk together in pursuit of sport and society. This commitment has been ratified this Thursday in the press room of the Pisuerga Sports Center where Alejandro García Pellitero, vice president of the Club; and Ignacio Barrera, representative of the agri-food entity, have endorsed the agreement that unites both parties.

The Blanquivioleta president, in charge of opening the press conference announcing the agreement and presenting the player Justin Tafari Raffington, showed the pride of having Leche Gaza in the Pucela family. “It is an important support. A company that continues to accompany us, from abroad, but that is committed to sport everywhere and that gives back to society many aspects. It is an entity that gets involved wherever it is and at the points of sale where it works, ”said Alejandro García Pellitero.

For his part, Ignacio Barrera, representing Leche Gaza, confirmed his entity’s commitment to sport. “It is our third year with the Club and we face it with great enthusiasm. Within our vocation, being with the sport and with Valladolid implies an all-in-one that demonstrates our commitment to basketball ”, he indicated.

· CyL Cup, subscriber campaign, Kavion Pippen …
Likewise, Alejandro García Pellitero addressed various current issues of the Club, such as the celebration of the Castilla y León LEB Oro Cup and the Real Valladolid Baloncesto season ticket campaign. “We have been cautious with the measures and we maintain the seat of separation between non-cohabitants. The Castilla y León Basketball Federation has not received a specific protocol for the event. For this reason, subscribers have to reserve their ticket and respect that distance, when we return to the situation without restrictions, they will recover their usual locations, something that seems imminent ”, he explained.

The subscriber campaign, precisely, continues to add fans and the 1,400 barrier has already been exceeded, although Alejandro García Pellitero reports that the number will continue to grow. “The dribbling continues and I think that when the team starts to play regularly, they will continue to come more and more gradually,” he acknowledged.

Regarding the time match between UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto – Covirán Granada and Real Valladolid CF – Málaga CF, the Blanquivioleta president detailed the impossibility of a date change. “Everything possible has been tried, but Granada plays on Tuesday in Palma de Mallorca and already has the trip planned. We have tried not to coincide both events, but it has been impossible ”.

Finally, Alejandro García Pellitero spoke about the arrival of Kavion Pippen to Valladolid and its delay. “It is an issue that is happening in many teams, with foreign players joining now. The question was raised with the FEB two weeks ago, because the problem is the bureaucratic procedures with the United States, which slows down this process so much. Then we entered the phase of working with the embassies and consulates, where Mayor Óscar Puente and the Government of Spain have made a series of steps to streamline everything. We have suffered the delay in that Apostille of The Hague, something that not only affects basketball, but all sports and can be improved “, he concluded.

A locker room leader
In addition to the agreement with Leche Gaza, Justin Tafari Raffington was also presented to the media and the German player offered his impressions. “I feel good here, I really like this Club. I have fun in training, we are a well-established group, both the teammates and the coaching staff are fun and I am very happy ”, admitted the ’21’ Blanquivioleta.
Tafari is also one of the seasoned players this season, which gives him an important role on the court. “I am a veteran in this dressing room and I have the responsibility to contribute my leadership and play my game: throw open shots, play hard, defend, rebound … in short, do the best I can and where necessary to help the team,” he said. .
Finally, the German interior sets a personal goal for the 2021/2022 academic year: to have continuity. “We want to play as well as we can and hopefully we can qualify for the playoffs and watch from there. Personally, I feel very good at the start of the season. I’m trying to show that I can play better than I did last season, which was very difficult and crazy because of the team changes I experienced. I want to be consistent and show in each game what I am capable of, not only with flashes ”, he concluded.

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