Real Valladolid Baloncesto, led by Negotia Abogados and in line with the Spanish Basketball Federation, has begun its training on the applicable code of conduct. The Club, in pursuit of complying with the rules and protecting itself at all levels, opened a series of days that began with all the lower categories of the Blanquivioleta: the Lalo García Grupo Antón School, the IVECO Cantera and the Clínica Sur-Aspasia de Primera Nacional .

In this way, the entity has taken the first step of continuous training that will cover all areas of the Club and whose purpose is that the Club’s estates know the applicable code of conduct and the different protocols to prevent any action that violates rights. of its athletes and members.

On this first day, the one dedicated to the base categories of Real Valladolid Basketball, the central themes were the prevention of drug use, sexual violence and bullying.

From the hand of José Antonio Castañeda, from Negotia Abogados, the Crime Prevention Program, or Compliance, is being implemented, and all measures are taken so that the children and young people of Real Valladolid Basketball are safe. This program begins in line with the commitment recently acquired by the new Board of Directors and with the Spanish Basketball Federation.