The escort position has been one of the most competitive when it comes to being able to proclaim their best player. A place with extensive competition both for the election of the candidates and for their final proclamation and in which the popular vote has played a determining role since it has been the fans of the category who have decided that Rebekah Gardner should be the holder of such prestigious title.

She was signed by Spar Girona as one of the reference players for her new project and, from minute one, there was no doubt about the role that Rebekah Gardner was going to play in the competition. A player who has added positively to her team since the first matches of the course and who soon became one of the main focuses of attention in the League.

This is corroborated by the numbers, with great statistical regularity throughout the 26 games played in which she has managed to become the most common foreigner of the ideal quintet of the day with a total of seven presences, two of them even deserving of the MVP .

But Gardner’s main endorsements for winning the award have not only been numbers, since the North American has been synonymous with good feelings on the parquet where her mere presence on the track was synonymous with spectacle. A player who has made her teammates grow and thus increases her fame with a title that she already achieved as she passed through the Turkish League in previous seasons.

Word of
Rebecca Gardner:

Balance of the season: “I just want to express that I am very happy to receive the award for best shooting guard of the year at the LF Endesa. There are many other great players in LF Endesa this season and the other nominees are also excellent. I am extremely grateful to be the chosen one. I also want to thank the fans and the people who have voted, I have seen all your messages on Instagram. I am especially grateful to the Spar Girona fans, their support and energy has helped me become a better player this year. Thank you very much”.

Ideal quintets of the season:

Ideal Quintet: J.9 / J.10 / J.12 / J.15 / J.18 / J.20 / J.23

MVP: J.10 / J.12

season stats
– Rebekah Gardner:

Games played: 26
Minutes: 26.52
Points: 13.9
Rebounds: 5.5
Assists: 2.2
Recoveries: 2
Plugs: 0.2
Fouls received: 2.6
Rating: 17.2

sports career – Rebekah Gardner:

Cat. Formation: Ayala High School (USA)
2013/17: University of UCLA (NCAA – USA)
2017/18: Istanbul Univ (Turkey)
2018/19: Orman (Turkey)
2019/20: Hertliya (Israel)
2020/21: Sepsi SIC (Romania)
2021/22: Spar Girona (LF Endesa)