ORhe magnificent series of 12 of 18 in triples in the second half gave the triumph (84-82) to Joventut Badalona against the bottom, Coosur Real Betis, in a very important victory in the face of the green-black options to play the Cup.

The green and black played a very irregular game in which after starting better, they went to rest nine points down (34-43) and suffered to take the win after going 17 points up (70-53) at the beginning of the last quarter after a sensational third quarter in which, led by Pau Ribas, he conceded only 10 points.

La Penya surprised the Sevillians (9-0, min. 4) with five points from Vives and Tomic winning the game over Pasecnicks. The Sevillians were inferior under the hoops until Eulis Baez jumped to the track and the forces were equalized (18-15, min. 9).

The second quarter belonged to Betis who shot veteran to turn the game around. Two triples by Cvetkovic and Burjanadze gave Real Betis the first lead (26-28, min. 15) and Penya did not know how to respond to their rival.

With Tomic bothered by Baez and without success from the three-point line (1 of 11 in the first half), Joventut was clearly overcome by the game of the Sevillians who went nine points up at the break (34-43) with Burjanadze and Brown adding 21 points between them.

The green and black turned the game around from the three-point line with eight baskets of twelve attempts that decomposed the Betis, completely surpassed by the local success from long distance.

Pau Ribas led Penya’s reaction with 13 points in seven minutes (57-50, min. 27). Carles Duran’s men also raised their defensive level, especially under the hoops, and only conceded ten points in a quarter that ended the game almost decided (67-53).

A new triple by Brodziansky extended the advantage of Joventut to 17 points (70-53, min.32) but two techniques to Derek Willis and Carles Duran offset the locals, which saw the difference cut to one point (73-72, min 37) with the triples of Brown and Evans.

The match went to a heads or tails final with Vives and Parra supporting their team with triples (81-78) and Burjanadze capable of the best and the worst. The Georgian scored 81-79 with 37 seconds remaining but committed an offensive foul eight seconds from the honk with everything in his favor to tie the game.

Pau Ribas was the subject of two fouls that ended with three points from the green-black guard (84-82) although Vito Brown, the architect of the Betics having a chance of victory until the last second with his 31 points, ended up missing a last shot.

Data sheet:

84. Joventut Badalona (21 + 13 + 33 + 17): Vives (13), Paul (8), Parra (10), Brodziansky (13), Tomic (10) -starting team-, Busquets (-), Ribas (18), Bassas (3), Willis (8), Birgander (1) and Ventura (-).

82. Coosur Real Betis (18 + 25 + 10 + 29): Evans (10), Bertans (4), Burjanadze (11), Brown (31), Pasecniks (7) -starting team-, Agbelese (2), Cvetkovic (3), Bleijenbergh (2), Baez (9) and Pozas (3)

Referees: Bultó, Aliaga and Fernández. Derek Willis was eliminated for five personal fouls (min. 33).

Incidence: match corresponding to matchday 13 of the Endesa League played at the Palau Olímpic de Badalona before 3,834 spectators.

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