It was the 2011/12 season when a national basketball classic like Juanjo Bernabé He played his last games in a LEB Gold League, which he said goodbye to wearing the shirt of the Basketball Lion.

An extensive career that ended accompanied by a high level of play and in which he left a historic figure behind him with the 1,379 assists distributed throughout his 395 matches in the competition. Numbers with which I was going to round the HISTORICAL RECORD OF ATTENDANCE that he himself had been in charge of nurturing since its premiere in a League in which it had broken into force since the beginning of it (1999/00).

But it was last December 22, nine seasons later of that historical moment, when that ranking of assists happened to have a new king after the assault carried out by the Catalan base Dani Rodriguez from the field of Melilla Sports Pavilion.

A player who had come to face the Alicante playmaker throughout his first seasons in the League and thus surpassed the 1,379 passes to basket 15 seasons later from his first match in the competition.

A record that seemed unattainable just a few years ago and that Dani Rodriguez beat then from the ranks of the Destination Palencia in which he has played the last two campaigns. And as if that were not enough, his irruption in history came with a certain touch of emotion, having occurred with the victory against one of his former teams, the Melilla Sport Capital. All this through a serve from the baseline with which he found a Nico Richotti who did not miss from beyond 6.75 (watch video).

Once the match was over, and after having distributed a total of 7 assists, Dani fixed on 1,386 passes to basket a new all-time record that it has continued to feed during the last months of the season. Some figures that he has stretched today to the 1,447 passes completed in the basket And that, surely, you can continue to gain weight over the next few years.

Thus, the Spanish Basketball Federation wanted to recognize his work today with the delivery of the commemorative trophy with which to honor his historical status. An award given by Oscar Castañeda, president of the Castilla y León Basketball Federation and with whom the Catalan player said goodbye to a new season.

LEB Gold: Historical Assists Ranking
Position Player Assists Matches Half
1 Dani Rodriguez Garcia * 1,447 489 2.96
two Juan José Bernabé Pascual 1,379 395 2.93
3 Pedro Rivero del Caz 1,312 451 2.91
4 Daniel López Alcañiz 1245 372 3.35
5 Oscar Alvarado Rodriguez * 1,194 247 4.83
6 Mikel Úriz Ancizu * 1,073 279 3.85
7 Diego Andrés Ciorciari Ancizu 1,015 241 4.21
8 Albert Sàbat Vila * 998 324 3.08
9 Iker Urreizti Aldaluz 894 439 2.04
10 Xavier Forcada Sánchez ** 882 318 2.77
* Active players in LEB Gold
** Active player in France

Season statistics – Dani Rodríguez:

Played games: 26
Minutes: 24.11 pp
Points: 8.2 pp
Rebounds: 1.6 pp
Assists: 3.4 pp
Recoveries: 0.7 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 3.2
Rating: 8.8 pp

Sports career – Dani Rodríguez:

Training: CB Cornellá and Joventut Badalona

Joventut Badalona (EBA League)
2003/04: CB Monzón (EBA League)
2003/04: CB Tarragona (LEB Gold)
2003/04: Plus Pujol Lleida (ACB)
2004/06: Melilla Basketball (LEB Gold)
2006/07: Gestibérica Vigo (LEB Silver)
2007/08: CB Peñas Huesca (LEB Silver)
2008/09: CB Tarragona (LEB Silver)
2009/10: CB Tarragona (LEB Gold)
2010/11: UB La Palma (LEB Gold)
2011/12: Cáceres World Heritage Site (LEB Gold)
2012/13: Actel Força Lleida (LEB Gold)
2013/14: Ribeira Sacra Breogán (LEB Gold)

Cerrato Palencia Cheeses (LEB Gold)
2017/18: Melilla Basketball (LEB Gold)
2018/19: Real Betis Energía Plus (LEB Gold)
2019/21: Destination Palencia (LEB Gold)