ANDhe RETAbet Bilbao Basket, led by Jaylon Brown with 24 points, has abandoned the red lantern of the Endesa League, which is now for its Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket neighbors, and has achieved its seventh victory in 27 games played by winning 82-90 in extra time on the UCAM Murcia court, which has missed a great opportunity to have put the ground in between with respect to the relegation zone to the LEB Gold League, which is now two wins away.

The Murcian team, after breaking a streak of eight consecutive defeats in Fuenlabrada on Wednesday with their ninth victory of the course, awaited the visit of the bottom of the competition to continue progressing, but failed in their attempt against an opponent who was better although it cost him close the game and had to do it in the extra five minutes.

The match started with more rhythm than success (4-6 after four minutes), but after that start the Biscayan team, with three triples in a row, took an advantage of eight goals (7-15), which led Sito Alonso to stop the meeting with time out.

Back on track, DJ Strawberry, with a 3 + 1, was able to promote the red reaction, but he did not do so because the following university attacks were deficient and that was taken advantage of by the team trained by Álex Mumbrú to, with a clearer collective game, keep opening the gap (15-28 at the end of the first quarter).

In the second period, UCAM CB intensified its defense to the point that it closed its hoop and RETAbet went more than four minutes without scoring, but it is not that the locals took much advantage of it because their attack did not measure up to their work behind. In fact, they only scored four goals in that span of time.

The awakening of the Basques made them recover the maximum income in the clash (22-35 after a two-handed mate by Ondrej Balvin).

The Czech center, with eight points without failure (4/4 in shots of two, including three baskets hanging from the rim), seven rebounds and three assists for a PIR of 16 in 13 minutes on the court led those in black -today in white- , who came to the break with a +12 (29-41) and the feeling that they had the match under control against a blurred opponent and with problems to score, especially with their inner game.

In the resumption the visiting team continued to show more voracity and that, in a very tight match, allowed them to be clearly in command (34-49 in the 25th minute).

A 9-0 in favor of UCAM CB in just a minute and a half narrowed the figures and Mumbrú was now the one who called his players so as not to throw away the good that had been done until then.

Tomás Bellas, with a new triple, increased that set to 12-0 and made it 46-49 and then threw another that would have tied the match, but failed and that was a relief for Bilbao Basket, which responded with energy and success .

Not surprisingly, he achieved eight points in a row, the last three with a triple from eight meters by Ludde Hakanson, and that allowed him to take a breath with 11 cushion points (46-57), which were finally eight at the end of the third period (51 -59).

John Jenkins, from long range, and Brown kept their team up 12 points with still seven minutes to go (57-69).

As had happened in the previous quarter, an 11-0 for the home team, finished off with a triple and two free throws by Nemanja Radovic, left the match very close (68-69 with four minutes to go).

The end would be a heads or tails and in the first instance the song came out. A basket by Augusto Lima gave UCAM CB its first advantage in the clash (73-72), but two free throws by Brown and one by Lima himself made the 74-74, with a final shot missed by Brown, give rise to overtime.

There, RETAbet once again was clearly superior to a red team turned into an offensive nullity at the key moment. Nine visiting points by none of the locals left the match already practically sentenced (74-83) and completely decided within the last minute (79-87).

Bilbao Basket could even decide on their side the difference in points with respect to UCAM CB, against which they lost in the first round 63-73, but a final triple by James Webb at least saved that for Murcia with 82- 90 definitive.

Data sheet:

82. UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (15 + 14 + 22 + 23 + 8): Bellas (10), Strawberry (15), Rojas (-), Webb (8) and Lima (7) -starting five-, Davis (8), Radovic (17), Jok (11), Cate (6) and Taylor (-).

90. RETAbet Bilbao Basket (28 + 13 + 18 + 15 + 16): Hakanson (14), Jenkins (11), Serron (5), Zyskowski (8) and Balvin (14) -starting five-, Rousselle (4), Brown (24), Dos Anjos (-), Miniotas (8), Álex Reyes (2) and Kjajic (-).

Referees: Óscar Perea Lorente, Jordi Aliaga Solé and Roberto Lucas Martínez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-eighth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played without an audience at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia.

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