ORlast game of the series ACB quarterfinals it’s from the season 2003-2004. Real Madrid and Students They are measured for a place in the semifinals. The whites have lost everything and in a rebound, the madridista kaspars kambala nudges the then schoolboy Philip Reyes in the neck, in the back, causing a reaction that has rarely been seen in sport.

Alfonso Reyes, Kambala’s partner and Felipe’s brother, could not contain himself and went for the Latvian, who had just attacked his brother and rival. An image that went around the world and now the report ‘King of Kings’, from the Endesa League and Movistarhas recovered.

If it happens now I would do the same again. For me there are more important things than my profession and my brother is one of them

Alfonso Reyes

I cannot see that my brother is attacked and I do nothing, even if he is my teammate“, says Alfonso Reyes now, 19 years after that action. “If it happens now I would do the same thing again, because I already said, this is our profession, but for me there are more important things and for me my brother is more important than my profession”.

Via Marca.com