Second pre-Olympic preparation match against Iran and second victory for a Spain that in just 80 minutes has shown that it is building its best team seams step by step. On this occasion he has made his superiority clear already in the first half, with a choral performance that nevertheless has left a few more milestones:

Ricky’s 1,000 point The first basket that Ricky has scored, in the 6th minute –a penetration from which he has taken an additional free kick- has meant his 1,000th point as an absolute international since his first appearance in the National Team in 2008, precisely also an Olympic summer. in which he debuted with that unforgettable silver medal in Beijing
Pau + Marc’s match 115 They met for the first time in the National Team in the 2006 World Cup, and since then 8 championships have coincided: 2 World Cups, 2 Olympic Games and 4 Eurobasket, as well as friendlies. Awaiting those who remain and the Games in Tokyo, this Monday’s Spain-Iran in Madrid was their 115th game together with the Spain jersey

Claver and Ricky catch the historic Luyk Since this game, Víctor Claver and Ricky Rubio have the same number of absolute internationals (150) as a historical one, the pivot Clifford Luyk, indisputable between 1966 and 1976. They will definitely surpass him after the rest of the friendly and Olympic games this summer