At Colegio Agustinas, his school, Roberto González has been introduced as the new coach of the Clínica Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Baloncesto. The new Blanquivioleta coach was accompanied by Mike Hansen and David Espinar, who welcomed the coach.

“Hopefully Roberto will be the coach for many more years than the two seasons we have signed,” opened Mike Hansen. The president of Real Valladolid Baloncesto, also, was very grateful for the facilities of all parties to bring the new coach to Pisuerga’s bench. “To Colegio Agustinas for hosting us here and having the detail of making this possible. To CB La Flecha, which is a model club and friend,” he admitted.

The arrival of the coach is also “magnificent news for basketball from Valladolid”, as Mike Hansen acknowledged. “It is a tremendous step for us to receive a person like Roberto, not only as a coach, but also because of his human qualities. It is important for all levels of the Club,” he acknowledged.

In addition, Mike Hansen spoke of ‘the three S’s’ that Roberto González will contribute to Real Valladolid Basketball: knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be. “He has been training for 35 years and having success in all categories. He is the only coach in the province who has won a title in the Spanish Championship (2002) and this is a very beautiful and historic moment. He understands basketball in the city and how difficult everything is. And when we were having a worse time, there was his message of encouragement, something that is very much appreciated, “explained the blanquivioleta president.

Finally, Mike Hansen recalled an anecdote from years ago with Roberto González. “Eight years ago we had a meeting and then he told me something that has been the light of the board: we must regain credibility. It has been our emblem. We have tried to do things well within humility and it is advice that I thank you forever. “

Finally, David Espinar picked up the baton and responded about the Real Valladolid project and what it implies for the basketball section. “The agreement that we maintain is not altered depending on the category in which the soccer team is active. We continue to trust the basketball team, the executive leadership, the new coach and the players. Nothing changes,” he concluded the Director of the White and Violet Office of the Presidency.