Leyma Coruña announces the incorporation of Roeland Schaftenaar (2.11m, 33 years), an international player from the Netherlands born in Utretch, who comes to reinforce the team’s inner game, a position in which Atoumane Diagne’s long inactivity of 18 months After his injury, he recommends reinforcing, since the Senegalese center will go through a process of rehabilitation and muscle strengthening until he reaches an optimal state.

Roeland was trained at the University of Oregon State (NCAA 2006-2010), and after his university stage he arrived in our country from the hand of Gran Canaria (2010-2011), which yielded him to the Unión Baloncesto La Palma team in Leb Oro After his time on the island, he signed for CB Breogán in Leb Oro (2012-2014), where he spent two seasons, before heading to the Greek first division, where he played three seasons in Rethymno BC (2014-2017) , one season at Ifaistos Limnou BC (2017-2018) and two seasons at Ionikos Nikaias BC (2018-2020). Last season he returned to Leb Oro after joining Cáceres Basket (2020-2021), a team with which he played 25 games averaging 10.8 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game, this is striking for an inside player.

Roeland is a player who has many resources in attack, he can attack from the low post, he is a good direct blocking player, and he also masters aspects of the game that are not very common in players of his size, such as shooting and passing. . Defensively he is a good rebounding player, who will bring intimidation in the paint and defensive consistency.

From Básquet Coruña SAD we want to convey to the player our satisfaction for his incorporation to the Leyma squad. We hope that your contribution to the team will help us to continue fighting for the positions of honor in the classification, and we want to wish you every success for the season and a happy stay in the city. We are sure that the orange fans will enjoy their game a lot in #OFornoDeRiazor, where all fans are called to enjoy great games in the new season.

First friendly

Finally, we remember that this Thursday the 16th at 6:00 p.m. we played our first pre-season friendly match at #OFornodeRiazor. It will be against FC Porto, and tickets are available at Adult prices: € 3 – Under 18s: € 1.

They can be purchased at:, on our website, our offices (10-14h and 16-20h) or at the Palace box office on match day.