It was sensed as the most complicated and even tie of the quarterfinals and this seemed to be confirmed on the track of the WiZink Center where Movistar Estudiantes has managed to beat Lointek Gernika in the only local victory within this first day of competition. Five rental points in their favor that Lontek Gernika will have to overcome in Maloste if they want to reach the semifinals that have been approached by Perfumerías Avenida (+19) and Spar Girona (+34) who imposed their style of play in the Canary Islands .

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SPAR Gran Canaria vs Perfumerías Avenida (61-80 / +19 AVE)
/ Statistics

Only physical fatigue could stop Perfumerías Avenida

Perfumerías Avenida knew that their duel in La Paterna was not going to be far from easy given the physical conditions with which the team arrived at the meeting and, therefore, the Salamanca team seemed to combine to be able to do their homework as soon as possible. This could be verified throughout a first quarter in which Katie Lou Samuelson’s points intimidated an unknown rival in attack and in which only Marta Hermida was able to respond to the actions of a rival in which the first rotations of the night they were able to increase the differences with a dozen points (7-27). It was Djeneba Ndiaye’s scoring awakening, with 9 points after the first intermission, which allowed the Canaries to deploy their best minutes against a rival who, however, remained solid to be able to reach the locker room with a comfortable income ( 28-51). It seemed that the match was going to break with a certain ease, but it was with the beginning of the second half that Íñiguez’s men found their most complicated moments. Especially when the physical plane began to take its toll on a team with its rotation badly damaged and that gave up part of its income throughout the last quarter. Despite this, the +19 achieved by the Salamancans is the best news for the Azulón team in the face of a return match that they will have to face without confidence (61-80).

MVP: Nikolina Milic (Perfumerías Avenida) – 30 rating

The return: Saturday April 3 |Hour: 18: 00h | TV:

City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona (45-79 / +34 UNI)
/ Statistics

The absence of María Araújo motivates a solid Spar Girona at home

With Julia Reisingerova in MVP mode and through a solid starting partial (0-7), Spar Girona needed just a couple of minutes to be able to take command of a match dominated from start to finish by Alfred Julbe’s. Because, from that very moment, it was difficult for the City of La Laguna to get loose in attack to be able to find the rival ring, a situation that was repeated over and over again until Claudio García stopped the match for the first time. Although, the first Canarian points of the night were of little use before the inertia of a Uni Girona that took a new step with the first triple of the night by Paola Ferrari (7-23). Things changed little after the resumption thanks to the zonal defense of a Girona team that managed to take a new step forward to overcome the score and thus break the match (18-41) .In order to reduce the differences, Ciudad de La Laguna returned to the track ready to give a new air to the match, but once again, a partial against him coupled with the elimination by double technique of Claudio García, ended up complicating things. Even more so when Adaora Elonu managed to link several consecutive actions with which to put the direct towards a resounding victory. The best message for a María Araújo injured in the previous hours and who will see her companions return home with such a valuable income (45-79).

MVP: Adaora Elonu (Spar Girona) – 32 rating

The return: Saturday April 3 |Hour: 7:00 p.m. | TV: @Basketball

Movistar Estudiantes vs Lointek Gernika (47-42 / +5 EST)
/ Statistics

Movistar Estudiantes brings emotion to its series with an exciting income

It was not the most beautiful game in terms of play, but it was one of the most exciting as Movistar Estudiantes and Lointek Gernika were able to opt for victory until a final honk that left the tie open. All this after 40 minutes of play that began with a real scoring drought for two teams whose scoring was reduced to the points arrived from the free throw line throughout a first quarter of scoring (9-7). And no matter how hard their technicians tried with different system changes and the occasional stoppage in the game, the shooting percentages seemed not to want to accompany either team. A factor with which Cornelius seemed to struggle with force for the visitors, but that could only come to an end when Alberto Ortego’s began to plug from beyond 6.75 for a partial of 11-0 that put things in expensive for Madrid (31-18). It seemed that the victory could stay at home, but Lointek Gernika still had a lot to say, with a partial return culminated by an entire ex of the house like a Paula Ginzo who reversed the score after a 2-16 (33-34 ). The match again became an exchange of blows in which both teams began to think about the second leg rather than the victory itself, a message that was personified in the figure of a key Anatonye Nyingifa for the Madrid women they could go home with a +5 on series aggregate. A good result for Alberto Ortego’s, but also for Mario López’s, who will have the opportunity to come back in Maloste (47-42).

MVP: Atonye Nyingifa (Movistar Students) – 20 rating

The return: Sunday April 4 |Hour: 18: 00h | TV: Teledeporte

Durán Maquinaria Ensino vs Valencia BC (58-69 / +11 VBC) / Statistics

Valencia Basket’s autopilot pays off in the final stretch

With 8 nationals around the central circle, the last quarter-final match started in the best possible way, with a beautiful fight for victory between two teams willing to achieve the highest possible income for the second leg. An objective that weighed after the first minutes of play causing some inaccuracies in the shot and resulting in small income in favor of Durán Maquinaria Ensino (16-13). All this thanks to the leadership of a Helena Oma who felt comfortable and who seemed to make things difficult for a rival who took air at the end of the first half (29-33). It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when Valencia Basket tried to recover the script of previous meetings, looking for a sixth gear with which to try to break the game in search of a greater difference in the electronic. But, this time, things were not so simple for Rubén Burgos given the resistance of a Durán Maquinaria that was capable of responding to each of the blows received to prevent the Valencian income from exceeding five points (45-49 ). The Valencians tried and the Lugo players resisted, but with the beginning of the last period, things improved slightly for the visitors with a triple from Leticia Romero’s corner after a whole lesson in “extra pass”. Carlos Cantero stopped the match against an opponent in maximum differences and pulled basic concepts to try to extract a last effort from his players, although the return to court brought with him a basket after theft of Queralt Casas with which the Valencians put the direct to a triumph increased by Cristina Ouviña in her last action. A “punishment” so undeserved for the local side for their effort, as deserved for the visitors given their perseverance throughout the 40 minutes of the game (58-69).

MVP: Celeste Trahan Davis (Valencia Basket) – 24 rating