The Euroleague Final Four will feature a national candidate for the title after the great tie played during the week by some Perfumerías Avenida and Spar Girona that have been emptied onto the field to take the great national classic beyond our borders. A double duel that has been resolved with the transfer of the Salamanca team to a final round in which Roberto Íñiguez’s players will compete for the title between April 16 and 18.

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Perfumerías Avenida vs Spar Girona (71-65 / 145-131) / Statistics

Perfumerías Avenida will opt for the title again after shining in the national classic

With 8 rental points in the overall score for the tie, Perfumerías Avenida felt much calmer than its rival throughout a second round in which the result of the first game weighed on the spirits of both teams. This is how both technicians were able to verify it throughout the first few measures in which the Spar Girona searched for the ring with great intensity against a somewhat more relaxed Perfumery and, therefore, more effective when it came to being able to add positively (18-15 ). It was, with the beginning of the second quarter, when the Girona players managed to feel more comfortable in the game through a step forward in defense. Thus, Alfred Julbe’s team was able to dry the scoring of their rival to get up to 7 points above having come to enjoy a 0-12 run in their favor. But the talent of Maite Cazorla, searching for the rival basket with courage, prevented the gap from widening to the brink of a break in which the home team managed to contain the differences (32-34).

After passing through the changing rooms, Roberto Íñiguez was clear that the time had come to send a message to his rival. In this way, the azulón team was very serious in the different aspects of the game, especially in defense, where each ball began to be worth its weight in gold. In this way, Avenida managed to prevail over the points throughout a quarter in which the exchange of blows was constant with the two teams willing to give themselves up for the win (54-52). With ten minutes to go, the clock began to be the Girona’s worst enemy because, every action of María Araujo in the painting found an answer in Silvia Domínguez, in Hayes, in Hof … And, although Spar Girona did not lower the arms until the final honk, the victory and the pass seemed to be clear a couple of minutes before a final that ended up rewarding the work of the Salamancans (71-65).

In this way, the team culminated an excellent tie with their move to a Final Four in which they will fight for the title again between April 16 and 18.

MVP: María Araujo (Spar Girona) – 20 rating