The closed squad, the incorporation of Ángela Salvadores, the 12th card for L’Alqueria del Basket, the previous one for EuroLeague Women, her experience with Spain.

About the squad for the 2021-22 season:

“The first thing is satisfaction since the objective of the staff and the club is to give the greatest possible continuity given that the results had been good and the work dynamics had been positive. Maximum continuity is good news for us “

“That the players know each other was already our idea, and it was one of our bets. It is not something usual in women’s basketball, and I do not have the experience as a coach to have such a great continuity in the squad, but we value it with optimism. The course of the season has led us to grow on and off the track as a team, if this inertia continues, we think it will be positive from minute 1 of the season ”.

On the incorporation of Ángela Salvadores:

“She is a player that we had already been following for some seasons, and now the situation has been able to take place on both sides for us to meet. The moment of Angela’s career has been combined with the moment of the club and with the needs of the team. We believe that it can bring us something that at certain times of the year we suffered, which is generation from one against one and scoring ability, and also outside shooting. Our team has a clear strength, which is defense, and I think that there Angela will be able to add something more and adapt to the level that the team already has. In attack, solidarity, the community, and having various threats. She is a different exterior to the ones we already had, who can contribute in offensive talent and on both sides of the court ”.

About player 12 and L’Alqueria del Basket:

“At the club level, identity and reason for being, we have a facility like L’Alqueria del Basket, and for the players who come out of there we have to create the gap and the opportunity for them to demonstrate the talent and level they possess” .

“It is true that Lorena Segura was already part of this squad and that next year she will repeat, taking a step forward in the rotation and having more prominence in the day-to-day and in the competitions that we play, and that record 12 that is for L’Alqueria because there are several players that I think they can contribute at different times in their evolution and growth, some in junior age in our subsidiary, and others in the junior or even cadet category, and there are players who have already had a presence and that we will start to see them taking part every weekend and with the possibility of playing with the first team ”.

“This will help, because the players will have their references in the squad, they know that they have their place and that they are counted on, and that the club is betting on them. Not all of them can achieve it, but the idea is that each time, in those lower categories of the national team there is an increasing presence of players, and of coaches and trainers, also trainers, physiotherapists, doctors, so that growth is at all levels ”.

About the Euroleague Women preview

“It is very exciting for the team because it is one more step, deserved, by getting a European title and by playing the two finals of the national competition. The next step is to access the highest European competition for these sporting merits, in the format that the previous one has, and before demanding teams that have already played the Euroleague on other occasions and with more experience. We will try to arrive with the greatest possible preparation, and with maximum enthusiasm and ambition ”.

About his summer with the Spanish National Team

“I am very grateful to FEB for counting on me, being in a place like this, with the training we receive, makes it possible for me to have an experience like this with Spain. It will be the second experience, the first was as Eric Surís’ assistant in the U20, it was enriching. And now as head coach, I will try to learn, in a different field, a short competition and a short championship, and that can help me to know how the new generations come and to work in a different and enriching environment ”.