The captain of the current world champion Men’s Team, Rudy Fernández, and the cup won in China 2019, will be the protagonists of the exception of the group draw for the qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup, which will be held this Tuesday at the headquarters of the FIBA ??in Mies (Switzerland). Rudy will accompany the FEB president to the event, Jorge Garbajosa, who also acts as president of the FIBA ??Competitions Commission.

Rudy Fernández and Jorge Garbajosa will attend Mies together with the World Champions Cup, which will preside over the event.

The draw can be followed live from 12:00 on the FIBA ??YouTube channel.

Rudy: “The memory of China is on everyone’s mind”
“It is an honor to participate in the raffle act representing Spain and our National Team as captain,” Rudy assures us, hours before taking the flight to Switzerland. The memory of the title we won in China is on everyone’s mind, it was an extraordinary World Cup for everything, of which two years later we are even more proud. The one in 2023 will be a new challenge for the team ”.

Garbajosa: “A new journey, with more enthusiasm and commitment if possible”
For the FEB president, “the draw for the qualifying phase for the World Cup opens a new path for the National Team, which will defend its unforgettable 2019 gold medal with even more enthusiasm and commitment.” Jorge Garbajosa also points out that “the ‘windows’ will once again be an excellent opportunity to vibrate with the team in official matches and demonstrate the competitive level of all our players”.