ANDl Real Madrid escort Rudy fernandez had to leave the court this Saturday on the shoulders of two teammates after a knee injury during the semifinal match of the Super Cup against Lenovo Tenerife.

In the absence of three minutes to finish the third quarter (49-42 for Lenovo Tenerife), the Real Madrid player itried to save a ball that he was going out in the midfield area and when he fell he complained of pain in his left knee.

Fernandez came out on the shoulders of two people from the Real Madrid coaching staff and they took it to the locker room. The extent of his injury is currently unknown.

According to José Ajero, a journalist for #Vamos, the image of the Real Madrid staff was of pessimism around your captain’s injury. In fact, the medical team of the team requested the images of the action to study the strange movement of the player’s knee.