ANDhe new Inheritance of San Pablo Burgos by Salva Maldonado was revived in the Endesa League, beating a chameleonic and erratic Gran Canaria at home with an exhibition by Kravic (23 points and 9 rebounds) that allowed the yellow offensive flow to be stopped in the final stages of the match.

Despite starting the match on the right foot (5-0 from the start), the Claretian team got stuck in their offensive errors, while the Castilian team was little by little carburating itself in the paint, taking advantage of Kravic’s versatility under the rim by endorsing a partial from 2-13 (7-13).

Data sheet

  • 82. CB Gran Canaria (18 + 21 + 28 + 15): AJ Slaughter (12), Brussino (8), Pustovyi (10), Shurna (7) and D. Ennis (16) -starting team-; Kramer (14), I. Diop (5), Salvó (2), K. Diop (8) and J. López (-).
  • 89. San Pablo Burgos inherits (26 + 12 + 22 + 29): Kravic (23), Salash (12), Rabaseda (2), McGee (5) and Renfroe (8) -starting team- Benite (13), Nikolic (3), Díez (4), M. García (12) and Gamble (7).

Salva Maldonado’s pupils continued to stretch the gap despite local rotations, with triples from Marc García and Benite (11-23). The islanders, with Khalifa Diop putting muscle in the area, tried to weather the storm, but not even with the other Diop’s shots -Ilimane- and Miquel Salvo’s free throws managed to stop the spill caused from the perimeter (18-26).

The second quarter started along the same lines, with baskets from McGee and Díez again raising the distance to 12 points (19-31). However, in a brutal reaction from Gran Canaria, including AJ Slaughter’s awakening and with Kramer as conductor, the match tightened again in just two minutes (11-0 partial for a tight 30-31), propitiating the Maldonado’s first timeout.

The technical stop allowed the visitors to take oxygen, with Kravic’s mate and a scoring rebound by Salash (32-38), but Porfirio FIsac’s men returned to the charge, improving their performance by players who had not had a leading role so far as Artem Pustovyi, closing the first part the Ukrainian with an alley-oop to turn the tables on the electronic (39-38).

At the restart, the two teams hooked up endless errors on both rings. After a failed mate from Pustvoyi and another from Rabaseda, added all this to numerous losses in the two trenches, the score remained more than tight (46-45). The Burgos clung to Gamble and the ‘Granca’ continued to delegate in the centimeters of Artem.

The game of San Pablo continued to improve in the paint, but at the same time the perimeter of the yellows improved, gradually expanding the island’s advantage (65-57), with the Argentine Nico Brussino, recently quarantined by the covid- 19 together with Stevic.

An unsportsmanlike foul by Kramer revived Burgos again, endorsing a 3-12 run at the expense of that penalty (73-74). Kravic multiplied in attack and Ennis returned to assume the gallons in the insular outer battery, turning the tables in the Gran Canaria Arena (80-80) with four minutes to go.

From there, the locals suffered a serious short-circuit in attack, accumulating almost five minutes without seeing the ring, a circumstance that the Castilian-Leon team took advantage of to add a more than valuable victory (82-89).