Salvador Maldonado (04/13/1959, Barcelona) will take the reins of the Hereda San Pablo Burgos bench for the current 2021/22 season, in which he will lead the Castilian team in their journey through the Endesa League and the Basketball Champions League.

The Catalan coach has extensive experience in acb competition, where he has accumulated 14 seasons and more than 600 games of experience. Salva Maldonado began his career as a coach directing lower-level teams until he made the leap to the first level as Pedro Martínez’s assistant at TDK Manresa (1991-94).

After this period, the Catalan became the first coach of the Manresa team, in which he continued until 1997. Later, Salva Maldonado would direct Caja San Fernando and TAU Cerámica in acb before starting a stage at LEB Oro, where he returned to Manresa and passed through Orense and Tarragona.

The return to the main national basketball competition came with Gran Canaria in 2005, where he completed four seasons before moving to Fuenlabrada. Subsequently, he held the bench management for several years at Joventut, Estudiantes and finally landed again on the island of Gran Canaria, where he trained until December 2018.

From Hereda San Pablo Burgos, we want to wish Salva Maldonado all the luck in the world in this new stage of his coaching career.