Ángela Salvadores lives her first days in Valencia Basket. She is the only new face of the taronja team but she is a more than known player in LF Endesa despite her youth. After several seasons abroad, she is ready to get off to a good start on her return with a great staging at the Tenerife Super Cup (September 18 and 19).


After ten days in Valencia, Ángela Salvadores measures her first feelings at her new club. The escort returns to LF Endesa after two seasons in European countries such as Italy or Turkey. Many things have changed from his last three-month stay at Durán Maquinaria Ensino (18/19) and his last full season in Spain with Perfumerías Avenida (16/17).

“Living in other countries and having different experiences has made me grow, I have things clearer, I do not know the changes that will take place on the track but outside of it I am three years older and it shows,” he says.

Salvadores compares his progression with his last season in Salamanca. That was his first year as a professional and he was able to celebrate a league title and a Super Cup title. It will be precisely in this tournament that the Leonese player reappears in the competition. Two other titles in Europe increase the record of a 24-year-old player who is in full maturity.

“The Tenerife Super Cup is going to be very competitive, the four teams have great squads,” he adds. Salvadores and Valencia Basket will face another crucial appointment in September with the Euroleague preview. “We have to be very focused this month,” he said.

Salvadores claims to have grown in all aspects and it will undoubtedly be interesting to see the evolution of a player who was already a star at the age of 17 and who stood out from the training categories of the Spanish National Team. The performance that remains to be remembered, her 40 points against the United States in the 2014 U17F World Cup final that led her to be named MVP of the tournament.

How was the first week of work?
I arrived in Valencia ten days ago. The first week we did the medical tests and this week we did the first training sessions. There are still many players to come but we are already working hard.

What goals does Valencia Basket set for itself this season?
I think Valencia is a big club and we have players to be competing for all the titles but we also know that to get there you have to work. We cannot doubt that we have a good team and we will try to be as high as possible.

Valencia Basket begins the season with the Super Cup and the Euroleague preview. How do you deal with it?
Everything has coincided with us. When the Super Cup is over we will have to travel to Italy to play the Euroleague preview. We work hard thinking about Tenerife because we expect a very tough tournament with four very competitive teams in which anything can happen. Afterwards, we will have to take good care of ourselves to avoid injuries and be very focused to obtain the Euroleague qualification, which is a very important goal for the club.

You are the only signing of the squad. How will this affect the start of the season?
We have not done any training all together yet, but when the players join it it will be easy because they all know the dynamics. We save time because if we were all new, we would have to do a job of building the team. It makes it much easier for me to adapt to reach a group that is known from last year.

What has changed since your last experience in Spain?
I am almost three years older and it shows. I have gained three years of experience and I think that is the main change. In the pita you will see it but on a personal level it shows a lot. At Durán Maquinaria Ensino I was only three months, it was a short time.

And after your visit to Salamanca?
At Perfumerías Avenida I had my first experience as a professional and it was four seasons ago. I have lived in other countries, I have grown up and things are much clearer than back then. The Angela of now has nothing to do with that of those seasons.

How do you see the Valencia Basket project from the inside?
It is a club with a very large dimension. I spent a year at the Virtus in Bologna, which may be the equivalent of the project in Italy. They are very similar, they have grown a lot in recent years but here I see a higher level in the quarry. In Bologna the facilities were at a very high level but this is bigger in every way.

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