ANDl Hereda San Pablo Burgos took a giant step towards permanence after adding a very important victory against Casademont Zaragoza (78-56), in a game that could have closed in the first quarter with a spectacular performance by Jarrel Eddie, but that suffered more than what was expected to end up placidly winning the match.

The victory serves the Burgos team to get out of relegation and condemns Casademont Zaragoza to one of the last two places in the classification.

After an exchange of baskets, Eddie broke the game from the triple with 16 points before the break that led the Burgos to have a 15-point lead at the end of the first quarter (28-13) in one of the best starts to the season for the team from Burgos, while Dragan Sakota’s team accumulated turnovers that did not allow the hands to see the hoop.

Despite the devastating start of Paco Olmos’ team, the offensive power slowed down in the second quarter, which Casademont Zaragoza took advantage of to close the gap, although the success did not accompany either of the two teams that revealed the shortcomings that both have dragged this season.

The people of Burgos scored the same baskets as they lost balls, so Santi Yusta and the free throws helped Zaragoza get into the game again and go into half-time with an advantage of only 8 points, greatly weighed down by losses.

The defense served to keep San Pablo from having too much trouble against a handful team that still hadn’t seen the hoop, a situation that Dani Díez took advantage of very well to put his team back with a 10-point lead (47-37), and joined by captain Vitor Benite to close the quarter 56-40.

Hereda San Pablo Burgos practically sentenced the match at the beginning of the last quarter with a triple by Kullamae and a basket by Benite (61-42), from Zaragoza only Yusta tried to follow the game from Burgos (65-50), but the team from Zaragoza Sakota was one step behind a San Pablo who made the stands enjoy a resounding victory that had been slipping away all season (78-56)

Data sheet:

78-Inherits San Pablo Burgos (28+10+18+22): Díez (10), Philiph (2), Eddie (19), Renfroe (6), Nnoko (12) – starting five – Queeley (0), Kullamae (3), Salash (0), Benite (16), Rabaseda ( 0), Garcia (4), Gamble (6).

56-Casademont Zaragoza (13+17+10+16): Bone (5), Radoncic (4), Cook (3), Thompson (9), Waczynski (7) – starting five – San Miguel (3), Kilpatrick (4), Yusta (11), Vanwijn (7), Mara (-), Font (-) and Hlinason (3).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Arnau Padrós, Iyán González. Eliminated for five personal fouls Deon Thompson

Incidents: Match corresponding to day 26 held at the Coliseum Burgos before 9006 spectators.