ANDl Hereda San Pablo Burgos added the twenty-second victory of the season in his farewell to the regular league at the Coliseum against Monbus Obradoiro (83-77) in a game in which he was many minutes behind but the outside success brought them closer to the victory.

The Burgos will have a week off before facing Lenovo Tenerife, rival of the Burgos team in the playoff for the title.

Monbus Obradoiro came out much more successful at the start of the match (6-15), just before the reaction of the Burgos (13-15) who began to see the hoop more easily and that turned the scoreboard, however, the first fourth finished with equality in the light (21-21)

The second quarter repeated the same dynamic, as Moncho Fernández’s men dominated at the beginning and San Pablo was in tow until Thad McFadden’s success from the free kick allowed Joan Peñarroya’s men to leave with a slight advantage at halftime (41 -40).

The equality in the match also continued in the third quarter, however, Czerapowicz had spectacular success and gave an advantage to calmly face the last ten minutes (58-67).

An initial arreón of San Pablo as Cook and Barrera from the triple turned the scoreboard (70-69) and after exchanges of baskets McFadden threw the team on his back (77-74) and after a few minutes without success by both teams, the Burgos closed the game from the free kick.

Data sheet:

83-Inherits San Pablo Burgos (21 + 20 + 16 + 21): Kravic (4), Saved 2 (), McFadden (16), Horton (9) and Renfroe (13) – starting five – Salash (5), Benite (9), Barrera (3), Rivero (5), Sakho ( 3), Cook (14), Rabaseda (-).

77-Monbus Obradoiro (21 + 19 + 27 + 7): Oliver (0), Birutis (19), Robertson (14), Cohen (2), Czerapowicz (13) – starting five – Muñoz (2), Ozmizrak (8), Beliauskas (9), García (2), Enoch ( 3), Daum (5), Suárez (0).

Referees: Pérez, Manuel and Sánchez. Local team player Dejan Kravic was sent off for five fouls.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 38 of the Endesa League held at the Burgos Coliseum behind closed doors.

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