ANDl Inherit San Pablo Burgos stopped his losing streak, which had led him to lose the first two league games, thanks to a clear victory over Casademont Zaragoza, which in turn saw his positive streak cut after having reached this stake with the Full trump locker (54-75).

Zan Tabak’s team offered their best face in Zaragoza and as it happened in the preseason they beat a handy team that arrived much improved compared to then because of what it had offered in the first two league matches, but which ran into a rocky rival , consistent and that handcuffed the Zaragozans with a great defense that left 54 ??points to a team that had an average of 99 in the two games they had played.

Casademont Zaragoza, who started as they are used to doing this season, out of place, out of place and wrong in shooting, fixed it in a certain way in the final minutes of the first act after a 9-0 run.

The reaction stayed there because the good defense of the Zan Tabak team canceled the local attack, favored in part by the individualism of the “red” team in which the team game did not exist to look for good positions and there were unsuccessful attempts to solve the problems. situations each making war on their own.

To this was added that the players coming from the bench did not contribute what, all together, allowed the Burgos to begin to mark differences supported by the good work in the offensive rebound (four in the second set that accounted for half of the points of this quarter) that increased the lead to a maximum of 13 points near the half-time before the mistake of Jaume Ponsarnau’s men (39% in shots of two and 14.3 in triples).

And that the bleeding could be greater if the visitors had not been quite wrong in the triples in this partial (1/6).

With a handy team in almost critical condition, the Burgos, from the defense, passed over their rival like a steamroller and came to enjoy up to 20 rental points (26-46) in the 25th minute but, also from the defense, Casademont revived and with a 13-5 run, from there at the end he returned from the well he had entered to fight for the victory (39-51), a difference that remained at six (45-51) as soon as the start of the last room.

However, when it seemed that the dynamics of the game had changed, the visitor residue and certain Aragonese haste in offensive actions led to shooting failures that ended up ruining their options to reach a final with options.

Data sheet:

54 – Casademont Zaragoza (14 + 10 + 15 + 15): San Miguel (7), Mobley (4), Okoye (9), Vanwijn (9), Hlinason (5) -starting five- McLean (-), Radoncic (12), Waczynski (2), Font (6), Sipahi (-) and Javi García (-).

75 – Inherit San Pablo Burgos (19 + 16 + 16 + 24): Nikolic (11), Benite (18), Rabaseda (2), Braimoh (7), Kravic (6) -starting five- Queeley (-), Kullamaee (2), Dani Díez (12), McGee (15) and Zack (2).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Araña and Iyan González. There were no excluded.

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of the League played at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion before 3,480 spectators.