ANDl Hereda San Pablo Burgos achieved an important victory (71-74) at Coosur Real Betis in the duel between the last two teams classified in the Endesa League, with which they are equal in the table with six victories, although the Burgos continue last due to the particular difference of points (the Sevillians won 76-84 in the Castilian city).

The 0-6 achieved by San Pablo Burgos at the start evaporated immediately thanks to the success of the local team from the perimeter, in a first quarter in which the eighteen of the twenty-two points scored by the Verdiblancos (22-19, m.10 ) came thanks to six shots from behind the 6.75-meter line.

The Castilians repeated their storming start in the second period, this time with a 0-9 score supported by the good hand of Kullamaee and a great defensive job that caused three losses due to a 24-second violation against a Coosur Betis who continued to survive thanks to the skill of their pitchers (35-36, rest).

Back from the locker room, the Betis closed their defense and gave a small jump on the scoreboard that the Burgos immediately conjured up thanks to the Belarusian pivot Maksim Salash, who scored six points in a few seconds and forced the local coach, Luis Casimiro, to stop the game with a dead time.

The Manchego coach’s anger reactivated his men, who came back with some good offensive actions from Pasecnicks, although the Brazilian shooting guard Vitor Benite held the visitors, who scored three triples in two consecutive attacks despite holding on the court with four personal (52 -54, m.30).

Guard Alex Renfroe took command of the visiting operations in the final period with two shots from far away that raised his team’s lead to eight points.

The Betis, however, gradually covered this distance with a lot of effort until Bertans missed the triple in the last second that would have forced extra time, with which San Pablo Burgos won a valuable victory for Seville in their fight, shared with Betis , for permanence.

Data sheet:

71 – Real Betis Coosur (22+13+17+19): Evans (11), Leslie (6), Bertans (9), Burjanadze (4), Pasecnicks (10) -starting quintet-, Báez (5), Pozas (-), Cvetkovic (6), Wiley (14), Mike Torres (-) and Almazán (6).

74 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (19+17+18+20): Benite (15), Dani Díez (9), Phillip (6), Eddie (5), Gamble (2) -initial quintet-, Nnoko (10), Kullamaee (8), Rabaseda (-), Renfroe (8) and Salah (11).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Juan de Dios Oyón and Cristóbal Sánchez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the 24th day of the Endesa League played at the Municipal Sports Palace of San Pablo before some 4,000 spectators. In the prolegomena, the Club Náutico de Sevilla was honored on the seventieth anniversary of its foundation.