On the 12th, the official presentation of Santi Cerdán as head coach of the CB Peñas project in LEB Plata took place at the Palacio de los Deportes in Huesca.


Santi was accompanied by the President of the Club, Antonio Orús, who began the act with a few words of introduction. The President of the Supporters Club highlighted Santi’s passion, his desire and his knowledge of basketball. Orús has been very confident that Santi is going to do very well, since he is “well prepared”. The President also wanted to highlight the fact that Santi has been “raised” in sports at the Club, which is a great pride and an example for all the athletes who are part of the Peñas, noting that with work and tenacity the opportunities.

For his part, Santi thanked the President for his words, and also indicated that he considers that he is ready to take on the challenge. “For me it’s a dream”, he has indicated, since “6 years ago I couldn’t even consider being the first coach of my club”. Santi wanted to make it clear that he “will try to do the basketball that the people of Huesca like”, and that he has the fans as his main support to get the season going. The new coach has also addressed them, saying that “we are going to try to put together the best possible squad so that the fans return to the Palace, especially after a season as tough as the previous one”.

Likewise, Cerdán wants to have a large part of the technical staff from the previous season, as well as some players who, he trusts, will renew with Peñas. During these days, both Cerdán and the rest of the Club work to shape the rest of the issues necessary for the team to get going at the beginning of September.

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