With the direction of play outlined, the efforts of the Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre sports management have focused in recent weeks on reinforcing the outside game, where they have managed to incorporate the 176-centimetre-tall forward Laura Westerik. Born in the Dutch town of Nijmegen 23 years ago, she is an absolute international and in the 3×3 modality. She comes from the Italian Broni, although she started last season playing at Sportiva / AzorisHotels Ponta Delgada, runner-up in the Portuguese League and where she came to play in the Eurocup Women’s qualifier.

Westerik, who debuted in the highest category of basketball in his country with Basketball, signed in 2014 for CTO Amsterdam, a step prior to his debut in Eurocup Women with the Orange Blizzards. In 2016 she joined the FSG Royal Eagles and a year later joined the Amsterdam Angels, where she was also able to play in the Eurocup Women qualifier. In 2018 she went to the German Herner TC, where she coincided with Eva Rupnik, who played in the ADBA with Pepe Vázquez, and with Laura Stockton, who last season played for CAB Estepona in the Women’s Challenge League. She stayed there for three seasons in which she became League and Cup champion in 2019 and even participated in the second continental competition.

At the beginning of last year, Westerik signed for the Portuguese Sportiva/AzorisHotels Ponta Delgada, where she played again in the Eurocup Women qualifying round and averaged almost 14 points, more than 7 rebounds and more than 3 assists in the 12 games she played in the championship of our neighboring country. In the middle of the season she went to the Italian team Della Fiore Broni, which ended up being relegated in the permanence play-out. In Italy she played 15 games in which she averaged more than 9 points and almost 5 rebounds. She replaced a former Endesa Women’s League player, Klaudia Perisa, and coincided with another, Mia Masic. She also played there last season Tijana Krivacevic, who finished the season at Clarinos Tenerife.

An absolute international and in 3×3, his last participation took place in the qualifying phase for the 2023 Eurobasket, in which the Netherlands defeated Ireland and lost away to Belarus and will face the Czech Republic in the next FIBA ??window in November . In training categories she also had an outstanding career, participating in the U19 World Cup and in the Europeans of the U16, U18 and U20 categories. With the latter, she won the bronze medal in 2018 after falling in the semifinals against Spain, among others, Irati Etxarri, Paula Ginzo and Aina Ayuso. With the U16 she was bronze in Division B.

“He is going to put in the work and effort that is going to be asked of him”

The coach of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre, Pepe Vázquez, has assured that “we are happy with this signing. He fulfills the characteristics we are looking for”, specifies the Galician coach, who points out about Westerik that “he is young and wants to grow up and make a name for himself in European basketball. Like his teammates, he is excited and eager to take a step forward in his career”, adds the trainer from Santiago, sure that he “will put in the work and effort that is going to be asked of him. He is going to curdle and like it ”, he signs.

The player, for her part, is “very happy with the opportunity to join this team to play in the Endesa Women’s League. The coaches have welcomed me with open arms and I thank them”, explains the international player with the Netherlands, who assures that “both parties are happy with the agreement and ready to start working together. My compatriots in the Endesa Women’s League have explained to me that Bembibre has a very hard-working team and has great fans”, she adds.

“She moves well in the open field, she is a good penetrator and she can post”

Vazquez describes her as “a 2-3 who moves well outfield, is a good penetrator and can post up. She is intense in defense and with a lot of claw “, specifies the coach of the Bercian team, who believes that she” will like it because she makes the maximum effort in defense and attack. She is a team player who contributes what is necessary”, adds the coach, who adds that she “is a player with experience in several European leagues and in the Eurocup, where she has done well. She is a regular in her selection, so she has important sports experiences, ”she emphasizes.

Agreeing with her coach, Westerik also describes herself as “a true fighter in attack and defense. I always attack with energy towards the basket to finish or open up my teammates and I can also offer resources in two-point shots”, argues the Dutch outside player, whose objective is, as she explains, “to help the team in everything I can and fulfill the collective goals to evolve as a player”.