Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre has sealed the first signing for the 2022-2023 season, the entity’s eleventh in the Endesa Women’s League. Laia Moya, 21-year-old power forward and 186 centimeters tall, joins the Bercian team after her time last year with Hierros Díaz Extremadura Miralvalle in the Women’s Challenge League. She trained in her native Rosas, she debuted in the second category with GEiEG Girona, where she spent two seasons and came to coincide with the former red player Laura Méndez. She played six games in the 2018-2019 season with SPAR Girona in the top flight.

After two seasons with considerable prominence and good numbers in the subsidiary of the Girona team, the power forward from Roses could not avoid the relegation of the team from Placentino to the Women’s League 2. Moya was, however, one of the best players in the team from Extremadura , averaging more than 6 points and about 3 rebounds per game. In the 2018-2019 season she made her debut –and even participated in a total of 6 games– in the top category with SPAR Girona, which ended up being proclaimed champion of the Endesa Women’s League and with whom she had a testimonial presence in the Eurocup Women.

International in formation categories, Moya was a regular in combined 5×5 and 3×3. In fact, she was the European U18 3×3 champion in Georgia in 2019, sharing the selection with Laura Méndez. A year before, she participated in the U17 World Cup in Belarus, although her international debut was in 2017 with the U16 at the European Championships in France. In 2021 she was in the Women’s European Challengers with the U20 to conclude the formative stage of a generation in which she coincided, among others, with Raquel Carrera, Helena Pueyo or Nerea Hermosa. She trained at Club Bàsquet Roses before arriving in Girona, where she participated in several Spanish championships. She also played them with the Catalonia team, with which she was champion in the children’s and cadet categories.

“She is a player with the profile of many players we have signed”

Her new coach, Pepe Vázquez, describes her as “a versatile player who can play 3 and false 4. She is international in different categories of the national team, so she has high-level experiences and experiences,” adds the Galician coach , aware that “she is a player with the profile of many players we have signed over the last few years: young, with room for improvement, wanting to work and improve, and ambitious. She must continue to grow as a player and polish many things, ”he points out.

The coach of the red squad assures, yes, that “I have good references from her, both personal and for her work ethic. She is a player who opens the field well, with a good outside shot and with the ability to lower the ball to the ground and play up front and be aggressive in defence”, analyzes Pepe Vázquez, who insists that “she comes with desire and enthusiasm, above all Eager to learn and grow as a player. The most important thing for her is to start from day to day and improve in each training session to show her level with her teammates and take advantage of every opportunity, ”he signs.

“Things can be better or worse for me, but I always give my 100%”

For her part, the player acknowledges that the first impression of Pepe Vázquez “has been very good. I’ve been told that it demands a lot, but it’s something I like and it motivates me”, affirms the Catalan power forward, happy to join “a family club, in which the people who make it up do everything possible so that the players we feel comfortable. It is also a place where we young players can grow and make a place for ourselves in an increasingly professional and demanding competition”, argues Moya, who recalls that “I debuted at SPAR Girona as a junior, but I have never been 100% part of a squad from the Endesa Women’s League”.

In this sense, she sees herself as “a player who wants to learn and continue to grow. Above all, I will bring sacrifice and desire, I will try to help in everything the team needs”, says Moya, who describes herself as “an inside player despite the fact that last season I played 3 so I could end up being an open 4. Left-handed, who fights for rebounds and can attack both from the back and from the face”, analyzes the new player in the Berciano team, who reiterates that “I will adapt as always based on work, sacrifice and doing everything that Pepe asks of me [Vázquez]. Things can go better or worse for me, but I always give my 100% ”, she concludes.