For the second consecutive year, Pavel Savkov (2002) and Ondrej Hanzlik (2002) will be loaned out in the 2021-22 season to the Juaristi ISB who will play the LEB Gold. After the promotion achieved last season, both players will seek to continue growing in their second Senior year with the Azpeitiarra club. They will be joined by Sidy Cissoko (2004) who will have his first experience in a professional league while still at junior age.

Pavel and Ondrej made the leap to LEB Plata last season with Juaristi ISB as loan players. In the 2020-21 season they have managed to rise with the title of cup champions and with a meritorious promotion to LEB Gold. In his first senior year, Savkov has been a fundamental pillar for Iñaki Jiménez with an average of 13 points, 1.9 assists and 10.8 rating in 26 minutes on average. Almost 20 minutes are those that Hanzlik has also played, who has managed to sign 7.9 points with a 36.9% accuracy in the shot of three. In addition, the Czech player is contesting the FIBA ??U20 Europe with his national team averaging 15.2 points and 15.6 PIR credits.

They will be joined in the season that begins in a few months Sidy Cissoko, another of the young projects of the Baskonist quarry. The French game director, who will still be a junior next year, has just finished fourth in the last Spanish Junior Championship together with his colleagues from the 5 + 11 Foundation and is currently focused on the French U18 team.