Could Scariolo hope in 2009 to accumulate these 150 games? Assures that “Neither yes nor no” because although he signed a four-year contract, the first thing was to focus on the short term and think above all about trying to win the Eurobasket, which Spain had never won ”. In time, however, the longer-term perspective came to be considered.

Scariolo recalls his first game on the Spanish bench, a friendly against Cuba in Las Palmas, and reveals that “The minutes of the match, pink, in a very beautiful frame that the Federation gave me and of course I still have saved”. And of course also the number 100, the final for the bronze in the 2016 Olympic Games against Australia, won in the last seconds thanks to “A great defensive intuition of our players managed to close it with a victory that gave an Olympic medal, which is always something extremely difficult and really very nice to achieve.”

Sergio also explains that the National Team has given him “A lot, not only in games, especially in moments outside of games” and remarks “the feeling of being part of a family, an expression that we use many times but I think it is relevant”. The result of “To have really created, together with many other people, an entity that works well from a professional point of view but is also governed by values ??of human harmony, respect, and affection.”

For Scariolo, “The higher the level of the players you train, the more you have to push yourself, work, study to be up to the task… you cannot disappoint. I have received many lessons, I have learned a lot from them ”.

And the memory of the successes, the Olympic Games, the Eurobasket, and especially the World Cup, “Complicated from a logistical point of view”, with physical and personal problems, and that everything was overcome thanks to “The unity, cohesion and strength of the group… and a progression of performance until reaching the moment of truth. And once again, a bit of what makes us different: that competitiveness that is not only reflected in high-level individual actions but also in high-level collective actions ”.

And outnumber Antonio Díaz Miguel “It is neither possible nor fair because of what Díaz Miguel has been for Spanish basketball.”

He goes over everything in detail in this interview