“We know that we are at a time of change in the inner game, many players who cannot be here, but we also know that we are interested in testing those who are because they have an option to continue and be able to establish themselves in the National Team.”

“I think that in Europe at the moment at the Windows level there is no team with an inside game as powerful as Georgia, with players of great physical strength, technical ability and scoring talent like Shengelia, Shermadini and Burjanadze. Of course also, a great scorer like McFadden, who has been decisive for many years and who can win a game by himself perfectly “

“It will be interesting to see if we are able to compete, I think that at this point and taking into account the different circumstances in which Windows are played, it is surely one of the toughest test tests that we could face. But we have worked well, the team has a good attitude, good spirit and good cohesion, and we will go out to compete. We play at home and we count on the Jaén fans to be able to push and push, especially in difficult moments ”.

“I think a good basketball game will come out. We are two teams with different forms, different weapons, but we can offer a good game show ”.

“We go out to win in any game. There are games, like the one in Macedonia, in which we have more chances of winning, and others, like against Georgia, in which we have less. But the idea is always the same, the spirit is always the same: try to win the games we play ”.

“I think that the Jaén fans are going to be an important factor in the game, if they know how to push the team, and above all recognize the difficult moments, in which, of course, the push of the home crowd is most needed.”

“It will not be easy. We need to be smart when attacking, of course the rim but be smart and see, if there is no chance to get shots from close, take it out for good shots outside. In the previous game we generated a lot of well-constructed shots, we didn’t get many, especially in the first half, and this is a game in which the success of the shot of three is going to be a decisive factor ”.

“Once again, it has been a good week. We always come out with the same conclusion, with a feeling of commitment, enthusiasm and team enthusiasm that is very nice to experience ”.

Via Feb.es