“Each Window is a new situation, but there is also a lot of experience, a lot of history, a lot of work already done in the previous Windows, in the training categories. In the last one I was impressed with the ability of the players to readjust quickly to all the defensive and offensive concepts and the spirit in which we want to work and compete, and hopefully this time too.

“The work that practically everyone has already done in the formation selections and many of them even in previous Windows, helps substantially. Then everyone works very well with their clubs. In general it has become much easier to work, at the beginning it was very hard but once a line has been established, also of illusion, enthusiasm, energy and the desire to be there, to see each other again, to compete, it is a very good basis for work with the little time we have before the first game, this time before the only one”.

“We have to study Ukraine well these days, but of course it is a talented team, a lot of scoring talent, a lot of ability in the triple even from its big men, a very, very good point guard-pivot axis, Randle-Pustovyi is a backbone of the highest international level, with many experienced players who play as foreigners in many competitions such as in Spain… So it will be a difficult but very important test because securing the third victory would put us in the classification quite downhill while waiting for the last Window”.