“They have done many things very well. They have defended important possessions very well, in attack they have come to culminate with good shots, moving the ball very well and finding an open man after a huge effort on our part in 20, 21 seconds … “

“The feeling is that once again we have shown our face, we have forced them to work hard. We all know our strengths and weaknesses well today, not those of two, three, five, ten or twelve years ago, which is sometimes confused. And you have to be proud, because once again the team has given a kind of competitiveness, commitment, camaraderie, generosity, of really being a team. I don’t think there are many in the history of sport who have done better in this regard ”.

“Putting Pau Gasol in the last seconds would have been a very serious lack of respect. With everything he has done to recover, you cannot get cold, at the risk of hurting himself with the game that was going a thousand an hour, it would have been the worst and Pau deserves the best for that example that he has given us all, that leadership , even this year with humility, an ability to try to do things that he had almost never done perhaps, especially in defense, just because he did not need it because of the great talent he treasured … “

“It has been another stage of consideration, respect and admiration that we can only have for Pau. And for Marc more of the same, always during all these years he has tried to help in all possible ways, sometimes with a more leading role, sometimes less, but always being a pillar of this team and especially of the competitive mentality. So I can only say that it has been a privilege to share with them so many days, so many months, so many years ”.

“We are preparing, we have spent years working with my staff supervising the training categories with a team so to speak called B in the ‘windows’. It is a process that has been going on for some time and there are very clear ideas on how to follow it. It is a question of working to continue in the best possible way and being prepared ”.

“But maintaining a line that has gone beyond expectations is something else. Those of us who arrive, those of us who follow, have to prove it. This time everyone will really have to understand the new role, the new team composition or the new way of playing in order to remain as competitive as possible. It is a challenge for everyone, for those who will continue, for those who will enter … But as we have been preparing for years for any generational change, any withdrawal, which luckily there has not been so much, luckily and due to the ability of the players, who continue being very effective on the court. Maybe now they will be produced in a higher quantity, although it could be a normal thing ”.

“In the dressing room at the end it has been an unforgettable moment, I have asked everyone to stay at the right moment, to live the moment of the privilege that we have had to be part of this legend, of the pride we have to feel for having been together in this, and pride in having been an incredible example for athletes of all disciplines, from Spain and outside of Spain, so I told the team that it was necessary to savor it because the historical perspective is surely the one that will remain and will be the one that It will make us understand how many millions of players in the world, and coaches and coaches, would have given anything to live just one of these moments ”.