“I am very satisfied with what the players have done,” Sergio Scariolo assured minutes after the victory over Israel, “not only today but throughout the week.” “We have beaten two very good teams,” he added.

Specifically in the match against Israel, which has closed the ‘windows’, the coach has valued that “we have played a great first half and a rather weak third quarter, especially defensively. But then we played a very serious, very solid last quarter, we regained the pulse of the game, the clarity of ideas and fighting against a very good team, which until today was the only one that had not lost a single game. You can see that they have been playing together for four years, with the same coach, etcetera ”.

For all this, he assured, “it is a reason for satisfaction. I’m happy, I know the players are too, so the balance is positive ”.

Darío Brizuela

“I am very happy that everyone from our team enjoyed, we have been a young team but with very good chemistry and we have enjoyed”

“We are very grateful for all the support we have from Spain”

“And now it’s time to play a good role in the Games and the Eurobasket. If anyone from here goes, it will be a prize for all “

Ferran bassas

“We have controlled the game, especially in the first half, and then we knew that they have qualities to get into the game again, and they have done it”

“In the last quarter we were smart, we found points to hurt them, and in the end we got the victory”

“It’s nice to have won both games here due to the fact of being a young group, with many who had never been here, so very happy.”

Via Feb.es