When evaluating these next Windows, Scariolo assures that “You cannot do without a memory of the Windows that began in 2017 and that gave us so much satisfaction, so many emotions, with a tremendous participation by so many players who claimed their ability to play an international role and who showed commitment, desire to help the National Team at a time that was very delicate “, for what he has wanted to do “A big hug to all those who made it possible for that qualifying phase to lead to winning such an unexpected and brilliant World Cup.”

“Now we look at another issue –indicates-, with different players, a different expectation but always with great enthusiasm and a great ambition that, after all, is to give the best of ourselves and make our fans feel proud of the effort of their players on the pitch, individually and as a team above all, and regardless of the final result, they are once again recognized in these colors and in this shirt that transmits, has always transmitted, deep values ??of sport and not only of sport ”.

About Ukraine, Georgia and North Macedonia: “They will be rivals of a good level, with whom we will have to fight very hard to achieve the classification with the highest number of victories possible for the second phase, in which of course we will foreseeably face rivals such as Italy and Russia, from a very high level. But as always, the idea is to start by preparing the first Window very well, the first game, then the second and those to come. They are long trips, rivals of which we cannot always have a detailed knowledge, especially at the beginning, so with great prudence and respect, but as always with the illusion and ambition to represent this shirt, this team, as I always have. done and we want to continue doing it ”.