ANDformer Argentine player Luis Scola went through ‘We Like Basket’ during his visit to Madrid to collect a prize awarded by the magazine ‘Gigantes del Basket’. The center spoke about his new life in the offices as CEO of Varese, the importance of NBA, the legacy of the Argentine and Spanish Generations, the Baskonia or the present of Gaby Deck and Facu Campazzo.

New life in the offices: “I’m doing very well, I’m still resisting putting on my tie even though they’re already telling me to put it on, I’m very happy. I really wanted to work in sports management because it is what I like the most and the opportunity arose in Italy and I am very comfortable. I can bring experience in something that I did for a lot of years, like basketball.”

Farewell to idols in recent years: “It is the law of life, we all get old and stop playing. New players will come, basketball is very big. It happened with many players much better than us and life went on: Petrovic, Sabonis, Jordan, Magic, Larry Bird… when they left it was thought that there would be no going back and there always is. No single player is capable of overshadowing how great basketball is.”

I would have liked Deck to stay in the NBA and have a career there, but I’m glad he tried.

Luis Scola, former basketball player

Deck’s return to Real Madrid: “The NBA is very difficult and it is difficult to win a place and he tried and I am very happy for him. I would have liked him to stay in the NBA and have a career there, but I’m glad he tried. because at the end of your career it is not the same to have played in the NBA as not to have done it because it is the best place in the world by far and he had the opportunity to be there, compete and prove himself”.

Campazzo at Denver: “As long as you have the opportunity to play in the NBA, you have to play in the NBA because there are the best players in the world and the conditions to play are infinitely better than anywhere else. Everything in the NBA is the best in the world . Facu still hasn’t run out of opportunities to play in the NBA and as long as he can, he has to try.”

Legacy of the Argentine and Spanish Generation: “I hear a lot that we have transcended as icons and it is perhaps more satisfying than what we did on the court.”

Baskonia: “It’s a team that he did things incredibly well for 30 years and it is impossible to think that he will not have any ups and downsnow they are having a little more difficult year and already he will get up the same way he got up before in the past. I have no doubt. It’s a cycle and it will pass.”

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