Lhe squad of the new Urbas Fuenlabrada is close to being fully configured with the hiring of Sean Armand, an escort born in New York in August 1991 who has committed himself for a season with the Fuenlabreño team.

Armand, 1.96 meters tall, has spent his entire professional career in Europe between the Leagues of Germany, Turkey, Russia and France. His European journey began after training at the University of Iona where he completed the cycle of four seasons in the NCAA. In the last two university years he averaged 17 points per game.

His performance in European basketball has been growing season after season, the last one being the brightest in terms of statistical performance. With Chalon he became the fourth highest scorer in the French League with 16.8 points per game, to which he added very interesting figures in assists (4.6) and rebounds (3.4). In terms of shooting percentages, he stood out with 45.3 percent in triples, shooting five per game and with 87.3% in free throws.

Via Marca.com