Semifinals: Defined the dates, times and refereeing teams on the way to the Final

With Covirán Granada and Leyma Coruña facing each other on one side of the table and Río Breogán and HLA Alicante doing the same on the other, the semi-finals of the LEB Gold League will put their two tickets for promotion to the Endesa League at stake starting this Wednesday Day 2. The second matches will be played on Saturday the 5th while the third, if necessary, would take place on the night of Wednesday the 9th.


The fight for the title and, with it, for promotion to the Endesa League, will begin this Wednesday with the dispute of the semifinals that will last throughout the next week and in which the tickets that They will give option to the dispute of the final. A qualifying round prior to the great final battle and that today has revealed its dates, schedules and referees for the dispute of its matches.

CHRONICLES: Defined the semifinal crosses

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Four are already the surviving teams after a demanding season that will launch the ball into the air this Wednesday for the dispute of the Playoffs semifinals, a penultimate round in which Covirán Granada and Río Breogán will have a home court factor in their favor and in which Leyma Coruña and HLA Alicante will look for the best possible result in the premiere to try to reverse their luck. Three days of competition that, as usual, can be followed live through the cameras of


QUARTERS OF FINAL: From May 21 to 29

C1: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Real Murcia Basketball (1st F.Per)
J.1: 73-69 (1-0) | J.2: 69-62 (1-1) | J.3: 101-95 (2-1)

C2: Río Breogán (2nd) vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (7th)
J.1: 87-72 (1-0) | J.2: 88-81 (1-1) | J.3: 80-68 (2-1)

C3: TAU Castelló (3rd) vs HLA Alicante (6th)
J.1: 78-70 (1-0) | J.2: 71-66 (1-1) | J.3: 70-78 (1-2)

C4: Leyma Coruña (4th) vs Liberbank Oviedo (5th)
J.1: 74-66 (1-0) | J.2: 69-70 (2-0) |

* Qualifiers for the best of three games

SEMIFINALS: From June 2 to 9

S1: Covirán Granada (1st) vs Leyma Coruña (4th)
J.1: Wednesday 2 – 21: 00h | Referees: Ángel de Lucas (CLM), Víctor Mas (CAT) and Jorge Baena (CAT)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 18: 30h | Referees: Enrique López (AND), Pol Franquesa (CAT) and Daniel Checa (ARA)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 21: 00h | Referees: F. José Zafra (VAL), Ángel Albacete (CLM) and Juan F. González (CLM)

S2: Río Breogán (2nd) vs HLA Alicante (6th)
J.1: Wednesday 2 – 20: 15h | Referees: Germán Morales (AND), Mariano M. Palomo (AND) and José M. Olivares (CAT)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 20: 30h | Referees: Paula Lema (GAL), Mikel Cañigueral (VAL) and Kavier Ávila (AND)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 20: 30h | Referees: Ángel de Lucas (CLM), Sándra Sánchez (CAT) and Héctor Báez (CAN)

FINAL: Pending dates

F: Winner S1 vs Winner S2

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