Her sister may take most of the spotlight, but Karlie Samuelson’s performance this season is nothing short of spectacular. She has been a fundamental piece for Roberto Íñiguez, both in moments with losses in the interior positions and unblocking defenses like this Sunday in La Seu d’Urgell. His five triples were essential to face the second leg calmly.

Karlie also added 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 5 fouls received, for a total of 25 PIR points, the best for the week.

Anecdotal section:

It is Karlie Samuelson’s first MVP award, for the three weekly ones that her sister has achieved (to which is added the one from last season’s final). In addition, they have achieved it with a difference of four days. If Katie Lou was the best in the second legs of the quarterfinals, Karlie was the best in the first leg of the semifinals.

This is the third weekly MVP of the Perfumerías Avenida players. In addition to the Samuelson sisters, center Emese Hof also got it (day 22). And we should add the MVP of the Copa de la Reina achieved by Silvia Domínguez.

The ideal quintet of the day:

In the playoffs, games become tactical battles and it becomes increasingly difficult to score points. It is time for quality players and the quintet from the first leg of the semifinals leaves us with an outside hat-trick made up of the point guard for Cadí la Seu, Laura Peña, revelation player of the season; the MVP of Perfumeries Avenida Karlie Samuelson; and the Valencia BC forward who reaches the final stretch in top form: Rebecca Allen.

In the interior positions, two warriors who faced each other: the Dutch from Avenida, Emese Hof; and Cadí’s jacket, Seu Jewel Tunstull.

Base: Laura Pena (Cadí La Seu) 21 val: 12 points (3/5 T3 and 3/3 TL), 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 recovery
Shooting guard: Karlie Samuelson (P. Avenida) 25 val: 16 points (5/7 T3), 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 5 fouls received
Eaves: Beck Allen (Valencia BC) 18 val: 14 points (2/3 T3 and 2/2 TL), 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 recoveries
Power forward: Jewel Tunstull (Cadí la Seu): 13 val: 16 points (8/13 T2), 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 recovery
Pivot: emese hof (P. Avenida): 15 val: 11 points (5/7 T2) 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 fouls received

Season Stats – Karlie Samuelson

Games played: 31
Minutes: 21.5
Points: 7.9
Rebounds: 3.2
Assists: 1.2
Recoveries: 1.0
Plugs: 0.1
Fouls received: 1.2
Rating: 9.1

Sports career – Karlie Samuelson

13:17 Stanford (NCAA)
17-18 Vigarano (Italy)
18-19 Castors Braine (Belgium)
19-22 Perfumeries Avenue (LF Endesa)