It will be late on Saturday night when we know if the LEB Oro League Final already has protagonists or if, on the contrary, it must wait for the dispute of the third rounds of the semifinals to be able to award one of its two tickets. An option that does not sound far from crazy given the prevailing equality in the competition throughout the course. Although, surely they will not stop trying, some Leyma Coruña and Río Breogán who signed the first victories of the semifinals and who already dream of a Galician final starting next week.

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PLAYOFFS ASCENSO: The first chance towards the final, at stake this Saturday

HLA Alicante vs Río Breogán:

HLA Alicante, faced with the challenge of a double comeback

For a single point, in the last play of the game and being able to decant the shock to one side or the other with this launch. This is how the first round played in Lugo between a Breogán River that was able to impose its style in the final stretch and an HLA Alicante that went from a bad start to a great peak of play in which they did not know how to close the victory was resolved. A game that, surely, will have served both technicians to learn from mistakes in the face of a second round in which virtues must prevail. Especially in the case of an HLA Alicante who knows very well what it is to overcome a tie, but who will also be aware of the difficulty that it will have to be able to do so against such a demanding rival. Despite this, Pedro Rivero’s men are willing to return to the Pazo after their appointment at a Pedro Ferrándiz in which there will be no other possible result other than victory. Because, otherwise, the Breogán River would manage to return to a final in which the return to the LEB Gold League would be played. A challenge for which the presence of all life insurance will be vital, such as the infallible Kevin Larsen. .

J.1: Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87 / 1-0)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 20: 30h
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 20: 30h *


Leyma Coruña vs Covirán Granada:

Win in Riazor to be able to prolong your sleep

After a great season in which they have dreamed of the most ambitious goals, Covirán Granada will experience its most complicated moment of the course this Saturday. And it is that, for Pablo Pin’s men, it will only be worth winning to be able to continue in the Playoffs due to the promotion that have been complicated for their interests with the loss of the home court factor. For this reason, the Nasrid team must adhere to the philosophy of “match by match” to be able to win in Riazor and thus bring the series back home. A complicated challenge that will once again go through the hands of their point guards and, especially, those of Lluis Costa and Christian Díaz who have been the true brain of the team throughout the year. But they will not be the only agents that the team will have to resort to in order to reach a successful conclusion since the importance of the inside game, especially when it comes to closing the rebound, will become vital against a very strong low Leyma Coruña the Rings. Strength with which Sergio García’s men will try to finish their series on the fast track, just as it happened in the quarterfinals, to be able to think about the final as soon as possible.

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77 / 0-1)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 18: 30h
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 21: 00h