The equality of this LEB Gold is demonstrated week by week. And this time the two teams defeated last Thursday have rebuilt to equalize the semifinals and leave everything to be decided in the third match. Covirán Granada recovers the home court factor after a very serious game in A Coruña. HLA Alicante, meanwhile, became strong in the Technification Center with a great superiority in the rebound.

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Leyma Coruña vs Covirán Granada (82-85) / Statistics

Covirán Granada recovers the home court factor in the most unexpected series

The Galicians had done the most difficult. Win in Granada the leader of the Regular League. The series had to be closed in Riazor … but in this LEB Oro nothing is simple. Pablo Pin’s men made their intentions clear from the start (7-14 min 4) by doubling their rival at the end of the first quarter (13-26). From there it was up to Sergio García’s men to row. There were moments in which they approached: 32-37 in the middle of the second quarter or 55-60 in the third, but Pablo Pin’s men squeezed in those moments of equality with the hand of a Bropleh inspired by the triple (6 of 11 attempts) . Even the fans were very pessimistic in the absence of five minutes with a resounding -16 (61-77), but Romaric Belemene and Dago Peña were proud to cut differences and create nerves in their rival. A triple by Javi Vega with 15 seconds to go put it 80-82 but Covirán Granada sentenced from the free kick.

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77 / 0-1)
J.2: Leyma Coruña vs Covirán Granada – (82-85 / 1-1)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 21: 00h

MVP: Thomas bropleh (Covirán Granada) – 23 rating

HLA Alicante vs Río Breogán (77-66) / Statistics

The semifinal returns to Lugo with a dominating HLA Alicante

He was very close to winning in Lugo, and has been superior to the Breogán River in the Technification Center. Pedro Rivero’s men are making a very serious semifinal, with a very choral basketball and being right in the important moments of the match. After the initial 2-6, the Alicante people were ahead on the scoreboard and finished the first quarter very intense (19-13). They dominated the rebound, so he was not penalized for the weak hit in the triple, and Txemi Urtasun put on the stripes to lead his team. Diego Epifanio’s men reacted in the second quarter, with the Quintela-Larsen duo at full capacity, but after passing through the changing rooms the match broke down. HLA Alicante and surpassed a 20-point lead (66-45) before the end of the third quarter. The work was already done, although the Galicians shot with pride to cut the advantage and enter with an option in the last minutes. In the end, the victory stayed at home and it will be all or nothing on Wednesday at the Pazo de Lugo.

J.1: Río Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87 / 1-0)
J.2: HLA Alicante – Río Breogán – (77-66 / 1-1)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 20: 30h

MVP: Txemi Urtasun (HLA Alicante) – 22 valuation